Monday, October 13, 2014


I went to Philly the other day to chair a conference session. I also met up with Jennifer F. It's always amazing to find people through blogs who also share similar real-life research interests. We had excellent pho at Viet Huong in South Philly, and then we hopped over to Old City, where I've never been. We checked out the goodies at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and found the Black Crane wide culottes in navy on sale at Vagabond. I learned that Sven clogs are more comfortable than No. 6, and that my proper size is 38. I also got a Black Crane wide crew tee in olive. The Stellapop sweaters were ridiculously soft, like snuggling with a dozen angora rabbits.

I'll post photos soon of my new black quilt pants from Mille, which now need to be washed because I wore them so much. They are fantastically comfortable yet look great rolled up with ankle boots. I probably should have stuck with a small because they're too loose in the leg, but I don't mind.

It's official, I'm addicted to Black Crane....

Monday, October 06, 2014

Work in Progress: The Entryway {UPDATE}

I used to think the shoe cabinet was a ridiculous object. That's what closets are for!

Then we moved into our new space. Now I feel like my life has been improved tenfold. Putting it together was a pain, but that's on par for Ikea.

I'm still on the lookout for a high-traffic rug and possibly a different blanket for the bench. I'll post photos of the new living room rug so you can get a better sense of the colors. I'm thinking I should stick with white furniture whenever possible since I'm not re-painting the walls.

Here's the entryway in its previous disheveled state while we were moving things around this past summer. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall sweater

At the recommendation of Stephanie, I got the Texturework sweater at Madewell in August. The fit is surprisingly good, with a longer back hem and ribbing at the drop shoulder. So far I've hand washed it twice, and there's been less pilling than I would have expected for cotton/viscose/nylon blend. I would recommend sizing down (I got an xs) because it stretched out a bit horizontally. It's very soft and looks great over a collared shirt.

The egyptian gold color is more mustard brown than yellow in real life, but that's the one that I have.
I also loved the marled sage, but pretty much all of the colors are great.

Right now the sweater is on sale for $69 plus an additional 30% off (PINCHME).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Black Crane Quilt Pants

I ended up ordering these pants in black after originally planning on the navy. It looks like the black is a bit muted, which may work better with my tops. If the olive version is re-stocked at Mille, I think I would like a pair of those as well. I went with a size medium for a slouchier fit. I'll post a report once they arrive!

The past weekend was assembling massive amounts of Ikea furniture. It makes such a huge difference to have proper spaces for things like shoes. Now all we need to do is tidy up and rearrange a few things to make the place more presentable. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Basic black ankle boots

I love my Rachel Comey Mars boots. They're beautiful and relatively comfortable as long as I stay indoors or in a car. Hah. So I wear them at conferences, and that's pretty much it.

If my classrooms were in the same building as my office, I would be ok with wearing them, but I have to walk 10-15 minutes each way twice a week. I'm a wimp, I can't handle the heel. Stephanie recommended Loeffler Randall's Felix boot, which looks great. I was thinking maybe the Madewell Hayes boot would work. The price is right with their current sale (20% off $100+ and 30% off $200+ WINWIN), but I don't know if they're comfortable enough. Has anyone tried them on? I need something that's sleek even with a flat heel. I don't need forever shoes, just something to get me through the fall and spring. Winter means nothing but tall UGG Adirondacks.

Madewell Hayes boot, $228

Loeffler Randall Felix boot, $395

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back again

I'm here.

For now let's bracket the less than delightful and focus on my favorite season. I adore pretty much everything at Steven Alan. Would it be ridiculous to wear what is essentially fancy pajamas to work?

Black Crane High Neck Top and Quilt Pants

I have a few home improvement projects to share including a new rug for the living room. It's slowly coming together....