Sunday, May 13, 2007

spring cleaning = wardrobe purge

every season the wardrobe purge happens.

i have a few criteria for deciding which items are donated.
1) have i worn it in the past 2 years?
2) does it have sentimental value?
3) was it a gift from my mom / will she notice if it's no longer there / will i feel guilt either way?
4) will i lose enough weight to wear it in the next year?

i forgot to document each item that i'm throwing out, but here is a sampling:

camper mary jane heels in tan and periwinkle
anthropologie turtleneck sweater with intarsia of wolves and pine trees
tomato red ella moss cargo capri pants
tocca psychedelic print boatneck sleeveless top
jcrew strappy wedge sandals that always make me twist my ankle
anthropologie hooded sweater coat with giant patchwork flowers
ella moss periwinkle corduroy skirt
la made puff sleeve black t shirt

my goal is to slowly weed out all the things i don't like, buy fewer items each season (especially shoes), and hopefully these wardrobe purges won't be so depressing. everyone makes poor decisions about clothing purchases or changes enough over the years to no longer want to be that person who used to love those skirts and sweaters. but i really hate the idea of cheap disposable fashion because it implicates us in this crazy capitalistic game of exploitation, pollution, and short attention spans. the thought of throwing away clothing after a season or two is really repugnant to me. yet somehow over the past two years i've accumulated four pairs of ballet flats. granted they're all different, but why do i need four pairs? i feel like a well-edited wardrobe is an indicator of how well you know yourself. right now i feel like i'm a pretty messy, redundant, and indecisive person.

estimated amount spent on clothing and shoes--$900

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