Tuesday, October 16, 2007

slouching towards winter

keri russell's hat (last seen at sundance, 2007), is lovely. in fact, it is so lovely that there is an entire crafts thread about replicating it. but if you aren't inclined to pick up your knitting needles and give it a try, there seems to be plenty of options out there. the key is finding something that is just slouchy enough to hang insouciantly without looking deflated.

according to the november issue of Lucky, keri likes to shop at erica tanov, which tends to stock a lot of knits. i wouldn't be surprised if she bought hers there.

Rachel Comey slouch hat, baby alpaca, $120

Anna Kula floppy beret, merino wool and mohair, $160 (too floppy, but nice fabric)

Free People montreal slouch beret, fiber content unknown, $28

Urban Outfitters wide ribbed beret, wool and acrylic, $24

Misa Harada paul balloon beret, wool/poly/nylon, $145

i tried to find a similar hat last year and failed. instead, i bought this steven alan cashmere button hat on sale. it's not quite the same thing, but it keeps my head warm and doesn't muss my hair too much.

me, a new patagonia top, and three funny little gourds. arena farm, concord, mass.

a few parting, gratuitous images::::

Stewart+Brown cashmere peasant cap (fair trade sustainable fibers), $160.

Orla Kiely double face tweed coat with faux fur collar, $695 (part babushka, part mod)


tonpetiteoiseau said...

I love love slouchy hats! I actually just finished knitting a beret.. not sure I'm sold on it yet though. I'll have to post it.

e said...

i'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the posting. I hope I will be able to find the hat or one similar to it. -M

Anonymous said...

Discovery: instyle.com notes that Keri Russell's hat is made by Rogan. I am going to contact their store tomorrow to see whether they are carrying the hat again this season. - M

e said...

great sleuth work! i always forget that Instyle keeps track of celebrities and their outfits. i hope you find your hat!

jenny said...

great post. i looked for a hat like that last year too but never found what i wanted. i think i like that free people hat the best. i might buy it. i don't know, i feel stupid in hats though. i feel like they highlight the fact that my head is too small for my body! talk about insecure.

amazing orla kiely coat!

michelle said...

Great post! last winter I looked everywhere, all.over.the.place for a hat like that b/c I had seen one on Brad Pitt, and it looks so slouchy good..so glad that I have so many options this year!

lsaspacey said...

If you knit there are two great slouchy hat patterns here.

Tanja said...

I soooo love that Steven Alan headscarf - I really fancy trying to make one in my amateur knit way - I don't suppose you feel like posting a pic of it flat, or does anyone have an idea of a similar pattern.First time I've been on your blog and found this page - really enjoyed it, thanks