Friday, November 09, 2007

more impulse: layers

tom scott sweater, mayle striped top

mayle jacket, mociun printed shirt,
a.p.c. dress, superfine jeans,
and those covetable, unavailable, a.p.c. pumps

Y's cardigan, steven alan shirt,
vanessa bruno pants, isabel marant boots

all photos by Impulse

sorry for all the blah posts, but i've been busy with school things, sending off grant applications, etc. i've also discovered that my wallet is terribly empty after buying something that i'm feeling a bit guilty about, especially since i've been working so hard at saving money. sigh.

anyway, it's finally getting cold, but i refuse to don my parka just yet. so, it looks like Impulse has the right idea with all their fabulous layered outfits. it's hard for me to look at these photos because of my newfound poverty, but they're also pretty darn inspirational. i need to dig around my closet and see what fascinating new combinations i can devise. it's all about being resourceful, right?

in spite of my penury, there is one particular item that i simply must/will buy: the Tova shirt.


Stephanie said...

I can't remember if I am correct, but a while back were you obsessed with the Humanoid sweater Impulse had but was sold out (the $144 one with the button placket) Well Le Train Bleu has it now. Quick!

e said...

ahhh! stephanie, your words are both a curse and a blessing. i just ordered the sweater in a size small (they only had a large and a small left).

i can't believe i just bought it after my extravagant recent purchase, but, i HAD to have it. i'll learn to forgive myself with time...hehe

thank you so much for letting me know, i had pretty much given up hope....

Lola is Beauty said...

Hmmmpf, i see we are in direct competition for the covetable Tova shirt. Well, if you insist on spilling the beans about it to everyone...(joking!) Actually I have no idea how many Jenny plans to make this time so it's all good for her...I hope we both get one!x