Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bensimon for walking in the city

now that boots-season is nearly over, i am dreading my footwear options for the warmer months. sandals are great, but what i really need are lightweight walking shoes for our NYC trips. i used to wear converses, but i haven't found them to be as comfortable as i remember them being in elementary and high school.

does anyone own these? i know they've been circulating on various blogs, but i was wondering whether they ran true to size and were comfortable for all-day walking excursions.


Sara said...

i want a pair of these

(other french shoes, i know these ones are comfy for walking)

jess said...

they are not very comfortable, unfortunately. i walked about 2 miles sunday afternoon in my slip ons and my usually resilient feet were aching. my toms are much more comfortable!

V said...

Hey Erica, I recommend getting them now at UO: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&navAction=jump&id=15720006&search=true&isProduct=true&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS&color=04

There's free shipping right now, and it's easy to make returns, since the locations are everywhere.

(I bought them, by the way--I think they're pretty comfortable, but I wouldn't want to walk around with them on all day. The soles are rather thin and certainly as flat as those in Jack Purcells! Still, they're kind of nice to have because they mold to one's feet very attractively.)

April said...

Hi Erica,

The shoes run a size big. I'm a size eight and recently purchased a nine (or equivalent of) from Habitat. They're still a teeeeeny bit loose. Haven't worn them about yet, but unfortunately they seem equivalent to Converse in terms of comfort and support.

Viv, do you know the coupon code? I know there's a code out there for free shipping over $75, but the shoes are currently on sale for around $39 (which means Viv is right, Erica, you should totally get them at Urban!)



evencleveland said...

I bought a pair in France (snap mary-jane style) and while adorable, not nearly as comfy as my PF Flyers or even my trusty Converse. Very, very cute, though, and the one thing I found cheaper in France than in the U.S.

The style I bought ran a little small, so I would make sure wherever you order them from has a good return policy, because you may need to try a few to get the perfect size. I love that eggplant color.

Jennifer said...

Madewell has been carrying Bensimons this spring.

I know if you become a Facebook fan of Madewell - just about every month they offer you a coupon for 20% off for in store or online purchases.

I've been wondering about these too!

leanne said...

Does this mean that you are taking a trip to NYC in the near future - on Friday perhaps?

erica said...

hah, i wish i were going to nyc on friday. unfortunately my mom is leaving that day, so we have to take her to the airport. i guess i'll have to be there in spirit. how about i get dibs on size 6's that anyone has second thoughts about?

thanks for the UO tip.
i think i may get the urban outfitters pair in dark grey. if i usually wear an 8.5 or 39, should i size up or stick with the 39s? i'm pretty sure i can return them to a store.

i didn't realize madewell offered online shopping now, i'll have to check it out.

the eggplant color is my favorite, but if i like them enough, i might get two pairs.

i love my Toms, too, but they're slippery on wet brick sidewalks. i need something with better traction, or maybe i just need a new pair of Toms?

those look cute, are they pricey? i found their baby shoes at nonchalant mom for $48, so i'm guessing the adult sizes are closer to $90.

Samantha said...

I got an ankle-tie pair of Bensimons on a recent trip to Paris. I feel like an old-lady posting this, but I added a pair of innersoles with arch support, and the Bensimons are now super comfy. Like walk-all-day comfy.

My feet went weird after after having a baby. In addition to growing a size, I also now need more supportive shoes. Sigh.

Catherine said...

Oh how I adore Bensimons. My pair are the slip-ons and I found I had to go a size up (38 vs 37). The 37s were definitely too small for me. I don't recall the lacet sizing as I went with elastiques. All the colours are great as they're powdery looking.

Another shoe I am loving right now, are the Converse Lights. They are my current favourite and I find them comfortable. Now I wear the lights the standard ones seem like platforms!

christine said...

Hi Erica, I just bought and posted these last week and received them today! Along with the others, I will say the sole is not entirely comfortable on its own and it runs slightly too big. I think I'll probably buy insoles (which I normally do anyway) so they'll be more walking friendly and fit more snugly. I will say that I don't regret buying them because they are some of the cutest tennis shoes I've ever seen and have a subtle imperfect quality to them that is so effortless! Hope this helps!

-- Christine

V said...

(Sizing) Like Erica, I tend to be a very solid 8.5/9/39. For comparison, I wear 9 for every pair of Frye boots and Asic's running shoes I own. I can see why people would say there is a little leeway, but I know they're not loose enough that 38s would be a possibility for me.

I got them in dark grey and orange, the latter mostly because I categorically refuse to paying for shipping from big box stores.

By the way, there's a 10% off coupon out there that can be stacked with the free shipping. Google around!

Also, if you're looking for inexpensive but comfortable walking shoes, I highly recommend Spring Court, since you might have already ruled out Jack Purcells. I know Toast is selling the classic sneakers right now!

Lena said...

those are cute... i've never had a pair. i just stocked up on spring sneakers. i got a pair on tretorn's and rocket dogs, both look very much like the pair you posted. i also am into vans again. and they are more comfy than converse (which will always be my favorite).

Amanda said...

I just saw these in the Tannery in Harvard Square and am pretty sure I need some. Anyway, that would give you a chance to try them on easily without ordering.

erica said...

adding an insole is a great idea, i don't know why i've never done that before.

i haven't been inside the Tannery in a while (not a nice store to be in), but i will go there this week and try them on.

i wonder if UO will have them on sale in the store, too? that way i wouldn't have to deal with shipping at all.

a supreme blog said...

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To buy, www.shopbop.com has the widest selection of color online (but Madewell carries the most in store) and they have a pretty good conversion chart.
Agreed, these babies are comfy and cute for running around town, but not for running!!
they are flat; we recommend Dr Scholl's For Her (leopard print of course) because they don't take up much room in the shoe and are only $12 for a 3 pack.
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christine said...

Hi Erica, I normally wear a US 6.5/7. I tend to go for the 7 because a little roomy is better than a little tight and the Bensimon 38 was a little too big for me. Hope that helps with sizing! Let me know if that's confusing.

nanashi said...

Hi Erica,

I recently ordered Bensimon on Yoox and found the sizing to run small (so it seems quite inconsistent, I agree with others that you should try it if the store has good return policy), the blogs in Japan raves about the comfort (they are popular among mothers who are raising kids), but when I tried them on it seemed like any other Converse. Have you checked the SeaVees Pantone editions? Not sure how they do in contrast to Converse and Bensimon but I like the simple aesthetic of this line.

Sofie said...

Hi Erica.
If you want to try these on in real life, I saw these at the Tannery in Harvard Square. I have the lacets (lace-ups) in graphite. They look great but I don't find them as comfy as - say, converse chucks even. They're very flat with little cushion -- I haven't tried them with an insole though -- that might help. As far as sizing, I'm pretty consistently a size 7 in sneakers, and I tried both the 37 and 38. I went with a 37 because I figured I'd wear them mostly without socks, and the 38's seemed a tad too big. But I kinda wish now I went with the 38's -- especially to allow room for an insole. Anyway, hope that helps!

erica said...

thanks for all the sizing advice! i'm going to try them on at the Tannery this weekend before ordering. maybe i should just spring for the purple ones if i really like them instead of getting the graphite on sale. it doesn't sound like i'll want more than one pair, anyway.

maybe it's time for me to try converses again. i had a pair a few years ago that really ate up my feet.

romaine said...

in case your interested in the converse lights - shoezoo has them for 30 and free shipping, but they only have natural and blue/charcoal (no image for latter).

Jenny said...

We love Bensimon, they are one of our Bohemia customer's favourites!
Our new Spring/Summer '09 collection is just starting to arrive & you can buy them online at:

jones said...

Erica, I think that they are also at Martin and Osa which seems to always have 30% coupons available . . . however, i heart converse.

alyson. said...

ah! I just posted about these yesterday and totally missed your post. did you end up getting any? I think I'm between Toms and Bensimons and of course, Converse. I had quite a few pairs when I was in middle school and loved them then.

julia said...

love these shoes and have many pairs of them. i think they are very comfy, i have flat feet so they are good for me. and there are always so many colors to pick from. they run about a size small though from what i've experienced.

SASHA said...

they run small, but they stretch. i wear a 37, have them in 37, they always start out tight but end up basically right. not the most comfortable in the world (no support whatsoever), but not uncomfortable (i.e. no break in time, kind of like wearing a slipper). i own 4 pairs, they're my go-to shoe. they wear out fast, so if you find them on sale and decide you like them, i'd buy more than one.

Stella said...

i met a gal Irene a few years ago through blogging...she is an american expat and lives in france. she totally hooked me up with a pair of bensimmon slides and i live in them.

which reminds me...tis time for a new color. i can assure you they aren't nearly that expensive over there!!! ACK!

Anonymous said...

The Tannery will say they don't carry them but their stop by another name does and it's across from the Brattle theater.
Urbanoutfitters has the laced ones on sale for 39.99, mostly orange and turquoise. i'm looking for their special edition styles.
I have several that I bought at their shop in St Remy, Provence.

Anonymous said...

I was at Urban yesterday and bought a pair on sale for $19.99!!

Anonymous said...

Madewell on Newbury street carries the basic two

sasha said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I need an advice
I am French but I saw some Bensimon shies with a very attractive price on an American site :-P I wear a 40 in France, but I don't know what US size I should ask for on the site? Is the 9.5 US size the equivalent of a 40?
Thanks for your answers

Anonymous said...

Hello, I need an advice
I am French but I saw some Bensimon shies with a very attractive price on an American site :-P I wear a 40 in France, but I don't know what US size I should ask for on the site? Is the 9.5 US size the equivalent of a 40?
Thanks for your answers