Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring time outfits (something old, something new)

it's hard finding the energy to shop now that our place is on the market. cleaning is a monumental task with a very active and curious toddler. while packing away clothing, i've rediscovered a few things that i had stopped wearing, including a twelfth street by cynthia vincent cotton-silk tunic in the most wonderful shade of purple.

two new purchases:
oxford blue shorts from jcrew ($30 with student discount)
j brand twill mid-rise skinny jeans ($158)

i've given up on my denim hunt for the time being. mainly i bought the j brands because i loved how soft the brushed twill was. i sized down to a 26 because people had told me that they do stretch out a bit. i had to shimmy to get them on the first time, but they're fine now. i don't think they're my favorite pair of pants. they crinkle around the thighs and calves rather than staying smooth, but the stretch and mid-rise is very comfortable.

as for my boy, i cannot believe how long his legs are. i call him a bruiser and a scamp. he is always up to no good.


mareike said...

hello, erica-
this is the first time ever i´m leaving a commentary on your blog-
i´ve been following it for a really long time, two years i think.
before you even knew there was going to be a little leon in your life...

so, i must let you know that i really like your blog (obviously) and that you are mother to the cutest boy ever!

one thing: on your bloglist-
change that link for train fantome (try it to see what i mean...)
this is what i found (via finelittleday):

and keep up that good work of yours!!

evencleveland said...

Dang. I can't believe how big he is getting! A regular little kid!

Unknown said...

oh the tunic os fabulous! and looks great on you...
oh leon is the cutest boy around! seriously!

jones said...

frame that third picture! and you look smashing as always - love the embroidered top above all.

Jocy said...

so mischievous and so cute.

Anonymous said...

he's beautiful..good luck with the move and all erica.