Friday, May 14, 2010

sailor top and hair inspiration

i've always been attracted to the idea of sailor tops, but i find them to be too saccharine in their finished state. this new apc sailor top doesn't have the full-blown sailor collar in the back, which may just do the trick for me. at la garconne, $150. also at penelope's for $138.

ever since i cut my hair off in january, i have been trying my best to resist 'fixing' it with another cut. the layers are getting out of control four months later, and i'm tempted to chop off the longest layer (about 1 1/2 inches) for a proper bob.

her cut is very similar to what mine was like back in january, which makes me want to get bangs again. at the same time, i love being able to pull it all back into a ponytail now. i don't know why, but i can never make up my mind about my hair.

i guess hair is my 'grass is always greener...'
are there people who are perfectly content with their hair style?


jennifer said...

Erica, I know what you mean about sailor tops and the whole nautical theme in general. I saw that top on at the APC store a couple weeks ago. It was really cute and not over the top sailor. However, I did think it looked a little off since it didn't have a collar around the back of the neck.

Jennifer said...

Believe it or not, I'm very happy with my haircut. I've got straight, fine hair in a just-above-my-chin length bob. The ends are razor cut and flip out--I decided not to fight against my hair's natural desire to curl up by trying to curl the ends under. I've got bangs that look at their best when they're a smidge above my eyebrows.

I got this cut after more than 10 years of the same bland non-style and about five years on I still get compliments from strangers, four in the past four weeks!

Good luck with your hair style debate!

Anne said...

I used to have a pixie and grew it out and now I'm so happy I can tie my hair in a ponytail. I have kept bangs. But when I don't tie my hair, there are still lots of layers, and sometimes I'm like you and would like to cut off the long bits so that I get a nice bob. But I don't think I'll do it, I keep on tying them and letting them grow, and sometimes getting a trim to even them in the back.

On the whole I'm happy with my hair since I was always looking with envy at longer hairstyles but it always seemed to me too much of a drag to grow it and go through the bad transition phases.
Now it's done I feel better, I still love very short hairstyles but have realized they don't suit me that well (I'm fairly tall and like simple clothes, so I'm more feminine with longer hair).

Unknown said...

love your taste and how you express it.
and ouffff! re: hair. nope. i have not been satisfied with my hair since grade 7, imagine! and when i do have great hair. i end up doing something radical to it and then i am just happy for five seconds.

jenny gordy said...

last summer i got a haircut that was so bad it actually made me cry. yeah. the first time i've ever cried over my hair. i had it fixed, but my hair ended up way shorter than i wanted. ever since then i wouldn't say i've been perfectly content with my hair styles, i'd say more just indifferent. it's getting longer, which i like, and no haircut that i get is as bad as the one that made me cry. so i'd say now i'm content-ish, and all because of an awful awful cut. and i just don't care about my hair that much anymore for the first time in my life. can't tell whether that's a sign of maturity or a sign that i've just given up on my appearance!! : )

Kate said...

i love that hairstyle- do you mind telling me where you found the picture? i just recently got my haircut (after going 9 months) and decided to keep it long for a change. i'm regretting the decision now and am itching to chop it all off. so i guess to answer your question i am not satisfied with my hairstyle.

Catherine said...

Funnily enough, since using baking soda and apple cider vinegar in place of regular shampoo and conditioner I am much more content with my hair. Before then it was never right, and i was always looking at a different colour or cut or styling product. Life is so much easier now!

I loved the shorter hair cut on you; you totally pulled it off. Maybe a longer bob now?

Jennifer said...

I wish my hair just grew faster!
I've had my hair various shades of brown, black, white blond a la Edie, & primary red.I've worn it long to shaved off completely. I chopped it all off last summer, which was fun, but now I want it long again...growing so slowly.Right now I am badly in need of some color & a trim. Going to get it done next weekend-yay! I have so much grey hair right now it's scary.

Catherine said...

Oh god, Jennifer I am the same. I got my first grey at an early age, and now I need to dye it not for the dark regrowth but for the light. What I would do for the days of dark regrowth!

Rose, Pearl and Grace said...

My hair is growing out in the same strange way from a pixie cut and I too am never happy with it. I wonder why?

Just found your blog on Unruly Things, loving it so far!


Kristien said...

Hey Erica! I think bangs are great when you are growing out your hair. Something about having different lengths around your face helps break up the monotony of the many months of just above the shoulders to just under! Plus a $10 bang trim is a much easier investment than frequent cuts. I used to get my hair professionally straightened every six months, but when I left my job to go back to school, I let the curls grow back in. It's been fun to figure out how to deal with all of this hair, but there are times when I am totally tempted to go back to the sleek flat look! So I definitely agree with your grass is always greener comment.

Re: sailor tops--I love them in all their variations, sugary sweet and otherwise, and that APC top is just great! Dear Creatures also makes a beautiful chambray sailor blouse called "Sail the Seven" that I often see pop up for sale on eBay.