Thursday, June 16, 2011

sale season

nico nico jumping jumper at the monkey and the bug. regrettably not in my size.

lots of sales going on (or starting on saturday) including:
frances may

but i have to confess--maybe it's because i'm moving--nothing is calling my name. maybe i'll feel differently when i'm browsing during the wee hours of the night.

anyone else finding some goodies? i bought leon two awesome surface to air pieces from stels/the monkey and the bug, but nothing for me.


jennifer said...

although i just picked up a pair of sandals and a shirt at the apc sale, i'm not really feeling a strong urge to buy anything this season. i definitely think moving has something to do with it. for me, nothing kills the urge to shop more than realizing how much neglected crap you already have lying around the house!

julia said...

the only thing i have my eyes on is, yup, you guessed it, the tabi shoes - in either color, probably black because they're more practical. hoping they're including in the sale items at totokaelo. for some reason la garconne hasn't put them on sale! grr! other than that, i'm pulling the plug on my awful spending habit, or so i say now...

gosh, i can't believe you're moving so soon!

nanashi said...

I somewhat feel the same (and also about the wee hours!). I was quite tempted by the Steven Alan and APC markdown, but the shirt in APC was out of my size, and I started counting how many Steven Alan shirts I had and how I was looking for more conference-appropriate items lately. The Isabel Marant sale on netaporter is pretty good but unless it is the tops most other items from her line does not work for me . . . so alas at last I found myself a bit more in control this season.

Packing must be painful, and the items you got for Leon are so cute! I hope you are doing well!

Moya said...

I think moving must play a role, but this season the merchandise is meh and the sales aren't that good (30% off is nothing--I'm not biting until 50-60-70% come along). And really the only things that I like are the Didions and the Rachel Comey sandals I want. I like one pair of Surface to Air heels but I can go without those (I suspect they'll go down to 75% off or more).

Mona said...

I have not bought any APC for years but the new store rue Ampere near my mom's flat in Paris had everything in my size as it is tucked in a residential area.
I fell in love with the leather mini-shorts and a couple of short skirts. The Porselli ballerinas actually work for my wide feet. Repetto does not. I wear a 8.5 and the 39 was perfect.

Claire said...

Yay, you're back! (I was slow to realise...)