Friday, February 03, 2012

happy friday

new dress by rennes

of course i missed out on jenny's valentine dress yesterday. i happened to be in a meeting for the two hours when it was uploaded. there were only three, so the odds were against me, but still--drats!

at least there's more eye-candy on its way from julia. i am loving the dropped waist and all those crazy subtle stripes.

here's to a spring-like weekend, wherever you may be in the northern hemisphere!


Moya said...

I so want that dress! Does she make a lot or just a few and are the prices reasonable? Thanks so much.

erica said...

i'm not sure, moya about how many will be made, i think it depends on the fabric. the prices seem reasonable to me for a handmade item.

i love the drop waist, it looks like the perfect spring/summer dress!