Thursday, October 11, 2012


acne cynthia long cardigan at la garconne

i'm in the midst of job applications and barely have time to come up for air these days. all the while i'm longing to watch 'The Master.' i'm not sure how i feel about burgundy as the ubiquitous fall color--i much prefer deep forest greens--but this acne cynthia cardigan seems like the perfect complement to the beautiful foliage in toronto.


jennifer said...

I love this cardigan too (and I also feel your ambivalence about burgundy being the "in" color this season). A friend of mine watched "The Master" and said it was very good.

Good luck with all those job applications!

ah dell ah said...
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wmbg. said...

yay you're back for some air! i like this sweater.. the deep burgundy is more wearable than the redder burgundys i've seen around. plus it's layer friendly and, let's be honest, anything oversize is just bueno these days.

evencleveland said...

Nothing like a ginromous cozy sweater.

I have to say, I love the burgundy. It feels very grown up and rich. I've got my eye out for the perfect burgundy sweater.

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