Friday, December 28, 2012

end of year

fwk 19th century BD shirt

fwk chambray work shirt

fwk round collar shirt in polka dot flannel
 i'm sorry for being so trip to chicago was really wonderful. my friend and i stayed up into the wee hours singing songs from les miserables and watching silly music videos. thanks to jade for recommending fat rice, which was so delicious. my favorite was the fat rice noodle (each noodle is rolled up, making for a tasty bite), and we also had a lamb dish whose name i can no longer remember. i highly recommend drinks at longman and eagle (i tried the high west rendezvous rye and an old favorite, eagle rare 10 year) followed by lots of hot and spicy macanese food.

two weeks ago, unfortunately, my laptop died. it was a long time coming, but that doesn't make me feel any better about its loss. so, my hard drive is now plugged in to an ancient laptop whose screen hinges are coming apart. that plus serious anxiety about employment next fall is making me less and less inclined to do anything but hide from the world.

but, the end of year also means amazing sales (including a $5 sample sale at goat-milk, which makes the best baby and small kid undergarments).

there are also fwk by engineered garments shirts on sale at mohawk general store that i am pining away for right now. they aren't exactly work-appropriate, but i could definitely get used to wearing flannel button-downs on a regular basis.


Catherine said...

Happy holidays, Erica! I've found the past year that my ideal uniform, if I can call it that, is either a tapered slim trouser/jeans with a button-down over top. I've worn my Masion Scotch and Steven Alan ones a lot. It's definitely time for some new shirts. Love the goatmilk range. I've just bought Audrey some new Absorba underwear. Do you like their range? Wonder how it compares to Goatmilk.

erica said...

I haven't tried absorba, it's not very easy to find in the US. I can attest to the durability and quality of goat-milk. Very sturdy and stretchy with room to grow. I'm waiting to see if I can buy a few thermal pants on sale for Leon because he insists on long underwear if it's below 55. I hope your family has been enjoying the holidays!

calvinandhobbes said...

i have the flannel polka dotted shirt and love it. well made and incredibly cozy!

Jade said...

yay!! so glad you enjoyed fat rice. was the wait insane? i stupidly went with a group of 4 during opening weekend--not the best combo, but loved it! longman & eagle is the jam. you really supported my neighborhood during your chicago trip!

erica said...

We didn't have to wait at all, and the waitstaff were so friendly and helpful. We also went another bar, lula's, I think it was called. I love Chicago, I wish I could have spent more time there. Thanks again for the recommendations!

Jade said...

erica, lula is such a major gem. glad you got to check it out!! i didn't want to sound like a mcCreeper, but if you're ever in chicago again and wish to meet up, please don't hesitate to e-mail. also, would be more than happy to provide you with other suggestions for when you're in town. glad you showed logan square so much love! happy new year to you and the fam!