Tuesday, March 19, 2013

everlane in canada

looks like everlane is going to have a couple of pop-up shops in toronto this week. i'm excited to go to their launch party thursday evening. i wish i had been able to order their light gray cashmere crewneck for my interview, but instead made do with the riley merino crewneck from club monaco that was on sale for $59.


Mona said...

I stocked up on uniqlo 39.99 cashmere in November and I have been pleasantly surprised by the durability and nice cut. I am curious to find out how the Everlane version compares.

B. said...

Did you happen to get a photo of your interview outfit? I'd love to see the final product, so to speak. Hope it went well!

erica said...

i've heard so many good things about uniqlo cashmere. not sure about everlane, but i'm looking forward to seeing their collection in person!

i didn't get a photo of the outfit, but i'm probably going to try it out again tomorrow for work. will post photos then!