Friday, September 20, 2013

the almost good enough work pants: J.Crew Eaton boy trouser

In case you couldn't tell, work started again...I keep meaning to post, but I barely have time to eat, let alone go online these days.

I did, however, want to mention that I've found an almost good enough work pant at J.Crew. Normally their pants fit me atrociously. The Eaton boy trouser in stretch wool are mid-rise so you can tuck in dress shirts, but the side pockets flare open and the seat bags out pretty quickly.

I tried skinny black dress pants at Zara and Topshop but they were impossible on me. I'm not sure I could do any better in the $100-150 range. Any thoughts?


Mona said...

sadly the quality of everything is down the drain and I am looking for new pants to after gaining a little weight. My good pants are from years ago Banana Republic but I have no idea what they do these days. Maybe worth a try with low expectation :)

Kate said...

Have you seen these?

I usually buy Boden stuff for my baby which has pretty good quality. Although, kids stuff and works pants are hard to compare.

Also, I hate it when the pockets flare open so I usually get them sewn shut since I don't really use them anyway.

Sara said...

You have to get the sales right but I just got two pairs of pants from Judith and Charles that are amazing for like $70 each. (End of the sale, beginning they are more but still in that range)

L.P. said...

Hope trousers on sale, maybe? I was very lucky and got 2 pairs at LoGE last year and they are my everyday pants.

leanne said...

I second the idea of Hope trousers. I have a pair that are perfect - only a little too big for me. Didn't you get a pair of Danny pants from SA last year? Those, too are great, although I'm selling mine because I wish that they fit me slouchier.

If you or Mona are the right size I have some older J Crew trousers in size 4 that clearly won't fit me anymore. I'm more than happy to send them to you both as I just want them out of my closet!

Hope work is well. Once fall starts life is like a roller coaster, right?

Anna McClurg said...

I do love the Jcrew Minnie pant in wool. I bought some a few years ago and they are my go-to pant in the fall/winter season. But I've also been having some luck with Uniqlo. They have an ankle length chino that may work. I am short/average so the ankle length usually hits lower than the model on me, so they look more like regular length pants. They are pretty cheap at $39 but if I get them I'll probably wait until they are more like $20. :) Anyway, hope you can find the perfect pair!

Sarge in Charge said...

It's not a long term solution, but I had a really good run with a pair of Gap skinny black twill work pants.

Like these:

Or these:

I liked that they could be washed and dried at home to eliminate the dreaded baggy butt. The downsides- with Gap's vanity sizing you have to try on a few pairs to get the right size. BUT, you can't beat the price ($40 or so with the constant coupons). Could work while you save up / search for the perfect pair.

erica said...

Mona--I've also discovered that I can't rely on my old favorites any more.

Kate--I haven't tried Boden's grown-up clothing yet, but I've been consistently happy with their kids' offerings.

L.P. and Leanne--I would love to try a pair of Hope pants, but I'm nervous about ordering something on sale without trying them on first. The SA Danny pants are great, but mine are in red! Next time they have a sample sale online, I'll probably get a more practical color

Anna--I have the Minnies in twill, which are a cat-hair trap, but the wool versions seemed too tight for teaching. I'm considering the JCrew Andie chinos, which look like they may be ok as work pants.

Sarge--Agreed, the baggy butt is so annoying. I've had bad luck at the Gap, but then again, I don't really have much time to try on things. I need more time and patience!

Anna said...

I share your frustration at the difficulty of finding a really nice trouser at an affordable price. I have not found a solution to this yet, unfortunately. But I did recently buy a pair of chinos at Madewell that were cut kind of nicely, and I thought you might like them, too, if only as a stopgap answer: The sizing on these is ridiculous--I had to go down from my usual 4 to a 0 -- but I like the cut of them. They are fitted in the leg but only comfortably so, and are relaxed elsewhere.
I echo the other readers: Hope trousers look nice to me. I'll be keeping my eyes out for sales on those.

Keep us posted!

I'd love to know: do you have a favorite work bag? I've been sorely tempted lately by the JW Hulme bags. I need something to fit a slim computer, a few books, etc. I also like the Ashcroft carryall by Forestbound. I'm open to recommendations.

Good luck with your semester!

erica said...

Thanks for your Madewell suggestion. I think chinos might be the way to go, at least for fall and spring. I'm hoping to try on a few pairs in the coming weeks.

I'm ashamed to say that I don't have a nice work bag. Leather is too heavy when I carry a laptop plus several books, so I use either a canvas tote or my Duluth Pack backpack. Not exactly an elegant solution!

Jocy said...

Erica, I am so frustrated by trouser shopping. I stopped by J Crew to check out these pants and the Minnie, and neither worked on me. I liked the quality of the Eaton pants, but I want a longer pant. These are pretty cropped on me and I just don't like the look with my proportions.

erica said...

The Eaton pants are ankle length on me, but my inseam is 29-30". The Minnie is a strange pant, I can't decide if it's too form-fitting without a long top.

I'm looking forward to wearing tights and dresses and sidestepping the trouser problem altogether!

jennifer said...

i'm late to comment here, but i just wanted to third the Hope suggestion. i just bought the judge trousers that leanne was selling and they fit so well. slouchy and loose, but not frumpy.

also, as for work bags, i have had the most difficult time finding a bag that looks professional, can carry a lot, and isn't very expensive. i just got the madewell transport tote and am liking it a lot. it easily holds my laptop, ac adaptor, folders, books, wallet, and other personal effects. cuyuna also makes a similar style that is a little less expensive and seems like it's more ethically produced.

Wondering Helen said...

I know the idea of these might not be exactly your style or fashion, but Loft makes some great trousers. Surprisingly great. Different fits and styles.

Good luck!