Friday, November 08, 2013


Micaela Greg Cream Nile Cardigan

Micaela Greg Grey Diagonals Cardigan

Ilana Kohn Green Spades Mara Dress

A rough few weeks spent over-worked and sick. It's stress and everything piling up with deadlines, grading, and mid-semester exhaustion. These Micaela Greg's knits are mesmerizing and soothing with their complex patterns.


jennifer said...

I love all of these. The grey cardigan would pair especially well with the Ilana Kohn dress.

I can't believe it's almost the end of the semester. I sure hope you're feeling better. Nothing worse than facing a mountain of work while sick.

Jocy said...

Hope you feel better soon. I love all these pieces.

Chau said...

I hope things settled down soon and you get a break. My grades are piling up and the holiday break can't come sooner! Thanks for mentioning M&S. The top is my favorite - fall finally seems to arrived in Houston, and it can finally get some wear. Take care.

Jade said...

i love all the micaela greg being featured on your blog these days! karen and marie are cool ladies, and i can attest to their knits being the bee's knees. super soft and fine wool--no itch with the funkiest geometric patterns. good luck with the end of the semester! i hope you are feeling better these days.