Monday, February 03, 2014

Winter Skin SOS

I am pretty lazy when it comes to skincare, but this neverending winter demands attention. These are the products that I use on a daily basis.
My skin needs constant exfoliation, but it also dries out quickly. This Red Currant cleanser manages to slough off the rough bits without stripping my skin completely. It also smells delicious, as does pretty much everything from Eminence.

I use the Eight Greens Serum after washing my face. Apparently it helps with breakouts related to hormonal imbalance. All I can say is after over 10 years of painfully challenging skin, things have turned around. It's been nearly a year, and it's still working. One bottle will last 3-4 months. A little goes a long way.
I just started using this Herbal Recovery Oil. I put it on just before bed, and I wake up with perfectly hydrated skin even if the radiators are going full blast all night.

I don't wear lipstick, but this Korres tinted lip butter goes on so smoothly and doesn't have that sticky tacky feel like so many lipglosses do. It's also perfect for those of us who aren't so confident applying lipstick.

The Earth Tu Face Skin Stick stays in my bag at all times. I use it for my lips and hands to combat windchill and excessive handwashing.


joyce said...

thanks for the recommendations. i need to up my winter skin care game because things are not looking pretty around here.

Mona said...

Rose moisture plus face cream and the rose hand cream are my favorites

leanne said...

the situation is getting pretty desperate here as well, even though nowhere near as cold as you and joyce!

i love the earth tu face skin stick. so does elijah. he's destroyed three of them.

i'm going to try out the herbal recovery oil - nothing seems to work on my face these days!

Moya said...

I also love that very same Korres lip butter. I just wish their amazing shampoos and conditioners were available int he US.

erica said...

I haven't tried Jurlique, but rose cream sounds yummy!

I swear by the Earth Tu Face stick, I just wish the packaging was a bit more secure. It can be composted, and I think maybe mine is on its last legs (1 year old).

I also think that oil is great for overnight moisturizing on your face, but probably not so much during the day.

And Korres is awesome. I didn't realize the shampoos and conditioners weren't available. I use Kevin Murphy, which has worked wonders on my dry and coarse hair.

jennifer said...

Thanks for these recommendations! The Eight Greens Serum has sparked my interest. My skin is so dried that I have resorted to slathering Egyptian Magic all over my face at night. It does a good job moisturizing, but I fear that it will clog my pores.

Jocy said...

Erica, I'm interested in the Eight Greens Serum. Did it help with breakouts at all? My winter skin is horrible - on top of that pregnancy hormones do not help.

erica said...

Hi Jennifer, I don't know what Egyptian Magic is, but I haven't had any issues with clogged pores and facial oils. I've used coconut oil, argan oil, and now this Eminence version, and my breakout-prone skin has loved all of them.

Jocy, I am pretty certain that my breakouts are hormone related, and not just stress. With the first pregnancy, my skin was out of control, to the point that I can't look at photos of myself following Leon's birth. The crazy thing is, with the second pregnancy, my skin cleared up seemingly overnight. The Eight Greens Serum is supposed to help hormonal imbalances. I don't understand the science behind it, but my skin is much calmer with it.

My facialist also recommends seasonal facials if you can't do monthly appointments. So I always schedule one just before summer and another during the worst months of winter.

Jade said...

this will make me sound like a hippie,BUT i make my own oil mixture--peppermint, coconut, Argan oil and drop a bit in with my Aveeno--really saves face during the vortex!