Friday, May 16, 2014

Cropped tops

Samuji Hylje Top
I started teaching again, and this time it requires a 3+ hour round-trip commute. I've also been trying to be more social. When your life is in a holding pattern, it's easy to fall into the habit of self-denial....Why make plans to see friends or buy new furniture if you don't know where you're going to be in 6 months? Why buy frivolous things like clothes or books if you don't know what your income will be next year?

But there comes a point, usually when the sun is shining and the cherry trees are blooming, when you shake off the fear and anxiety and say hey, stranger, it's time I came and visited you! And maybe a new top will give you a much-needed boost of self-appreciation.

So the other day I went on a walk to Yorkville instead of putting together lecture slides. I ended up buying a silk buttondown top from Aritzia, which is a place that usually gives me a headache. It's black with off-white polkadots and a tiny collar. I was wearing my Ilana Kohn Darryl top and thinking I'd like to try something different. So I bought a cropped top (same cut as this one) that seems like it will work well during the hot summer months. Zara had quite a few nice looking tops, but they were all polyester. Now I need to find a few high-waist skirts and pants. I'm thinking mid-length skirts that are flowy but not flouncy or poufy.

Next week we're going to Montreal for 3 days, and the week after that I'll be in NYC for 4 days to catch up with friends.
Speaking of cropped tops, this one by Julia is pretty much perfect. I should be practical and get it in black, but there's something so appealing about the silvery version.


Jade said...

yes for self care and seeing friends! people power always gives me a lot of good energy. i have been eyeing that samuji top for a bit, but i sometimes think that crop tops make me look weird since i'm on the busty side. that rennes version is a dream. i'm all about the silver.

side bar: regarding jumpsuits. have you seen the electric feathers one at anaise? that one is giving me cause for pause! i love all of the EF weirdness. can't get enough.

Moya said...

I know that holding pattern feeling well and second self care and the spirit of living in the moment. Some treats are necessary, especially when you are working so hard and feeling like it's going nowhere.

Hoping for some wonderful, productive changes for you in the next academic year. Meanwhile, enjoy your summer and your new tops. I'm too out of shape for crop tops myself (that pregnancy weight that shifted to my midriff) so no crop tops for me but I bet you'll look great in yours.

jen said...

Oh, get the silver one. It's just as versatile as black. ;-)

leanne said...

Yes! I also completely understand where you're coming from - we seem to move every few years and it gets increasingly difficult to get out there and prioritize making friends because I am never sure how long we really plan to stay ...

on a jumpsuit note - I finally trekked the few blocks up to Zara to try on that jumpsuit you posted - totally meh. Could have been because it was zara. I've also been looking at the electric feathers one that renee has, but the armholes are cut so low and it's pricey. Have you found a suitable one yet?

AND - we're going to be in Canada June 3-22. We're flying into Toronto and then will be in London, ON. I will have a car and a ton of free time with the boys - would love to try to get together for a playdate if you can swing it?