Friday, June 20, 2014

steven alan summer sale picks

Steven Alan Veronica blouse in yellow

Steven Alan oversized stand collar shirt

Steven Alan Winona dress

Zespa slip on loafer
My picks are $150 or less, and there's free shipping in the US!


Sarge in Charge said...

Love those loafers- I had never even heard of the brand. Cuter than normal flats but sleeker than a penny loafer.

erica said...

I've never heard of the brand either, so I'll probably have to abstain for now, but I like its clean lines. I'm saving up for a proper pair of Rancourts. My Cole Haans are a size too big. I don't know what's wrong with me, I need to stop shopping for shoes at the end of a hot summer's day after miles of walking.

joyce said...

So many beautiful things. I got Ben a birthday present but that's it -- even though I dearly wanted a couple of goodies for myself!

Lisa said...

Love that yellow and white top!

Mona said...

I got the winona dress at the Boston store today in the blue plaid linen and remembered your post.
It was surprisingly fitting in the small: I no longer fit in my medium reverse seam.... Sizing is always a surprise. At this price, I was happy to buy Made in USA and a comfortable easy going dress for work and play. The one in your post is made of cotton and dressier than the one I found in my size in the store. The girl in the Newbury store was very nice.