Tuesday, January 02, 2007

worst case scenario

Impulse is starting its Winter sale on Jan. 6. I emailed Jill about the availability and pricing on a few items. The one I really hope is still there is a Mayle black jumper. I'd love to have the Shelly Steffee silk tunic dress, but who am I kidding? My two cats will shred it in no time. To buy this dress would be a show of disrespect to the designer. Really.

Mayle jumper $504 (original price)
I saw this jumper at the Nolita shop and at Bird in Brooklyn. I wasn't super excited by the price (oh how the proverbial budget ruins shopping trips), but if it costs less, I might have to buy it. I'll have to ask my partner what he thinks. Usually when I'm iffy on something because of the price, he will veto the purchase, citing trendiness or general unattractiveness. If I really want it, goddamn, I'll buy it regardless of his opinion.

Shelly Steffee dress $548 (original price)
It's pretty. And the silk probably feels fantastic. I love tunic dresses. I'm not as young and fit as I used to be.

So, an Impulse sale. So what? So WHAT? God, I'm about to spaz. I just found out that Louis Boston is having its amazing 50% off sale starting the 6th, also. I have zero self-control when it comes to these sales. Last time they had one, I walked in with $300 in cash, called my partner about a budget increase, he vetoed it, TWICE, and then I bought a $500 dress. Well.

And to make things worse, APC is having its 50% online sale, and I bought this sweater, which is arriving any day now:

originally $251, now $126.
I don't know why I bought it. I just thought it would be nice to wear on weekends. (That's not a very good reason to spend $130 on something, my rational self mutters from within the box I keep it in) I really like thick sweaters to bundle up in. The geometric pattern isn't really me, I know, except it kind of is the me who used to buy everything at thrift stores. Feeling nostalgic, I guess.

So, this is basically a post about how I'm on the brink of a shopping catastrophe. I shouldn't go to Louis, but I know I will anyway. I promise not to buy anything by Dries or Marni. Their Mayle selection wasn't so fabulous, so maybe I'll luck out. Right now I'm really feeling like Impulse has a better curated selection of sale pieces. I do adore that jumper, it's like a hotter version of my catholic school uniform. If Impulse has it in my size, and it's less than $350, MAYBE. It IS my birthday month, after all.

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