Thursday, December 28, 2006

rachel comey love letter

Lately I've become interested in clothing designers who are obsessed with prints. The clothes are beautiful, too, but what usually makes them work are the prints. Mociun is one example, in terms of quirky organic prints. The one on the left is a graphic print of little houses, the one on the right is considered "caterpillars". I really love her tie front dresses. I saw it at Bird in Brooklyn with my friend who is lucky enough to live one block from that shop, and it is still for sale on Jumelle's website ( It also comes in black, which I guess is more sensible.

Anyway, I love Rachel Comey. Her stuff is sold at Steven Alan and Creatures of Comfort, but Impulse in Seattle also carries the line. Interestingly enough, Anthropologie also carries her shoes, though they are so very sneaky and won't attribute the designer. This can be a good thing when the design is a bit "interesting" and expensive, because often it'll be marked down considerably. And then those who know can swoop in and snatch them up. Case in point, these Rachel Comey peep-toe purple suede flats that I am considering:

Originally $248, now $80.

Honestly, I didn't even notice these the first time I was browsing Anthropologie's flats selections. But then I had a little 'aha' moment and remembered that they were Rachel Comey's designs. Here's what I consider a more workable and flattering view of the shoes. Granted, they aren't the same color, but that's ok:

Anyway, this got me started on her shoes again. So I pondered whether this cut-out detail derby shoe might work. Runway shot:

Creatures of Comfort purple suede version, $210, originally $300. Impulse also had a black leather version ages and ages ago which I'm sure has sold out. I think with this kind of shoe, which I would consider a bit too trendy and yet oddly timeless if you're into the Annie Hall androgynous dandy look (kind of, sort of), they might work better in a neutral shade like beige or black. But I love suede, it's softer and more forgiving on my poor feet:

I'm not just obsessed with her shoes (remember those boots from a few months back??).

silk graphic yoke top, $196, originally $280, from Creatures of Comfort.

This is a beige version from Impulse, $312. Dunno if it's still in stock, but it's definitely a more versatile piece. That is, if you care about that sort of thing.

Absolutely amazing deep lapel dress $241, originally $345 (only size L left) at Creatures of Comfort. Again, Impulse was carrying this dress back in August. I doubt it's still there. Check out the print detail of the birds. Apparently David Bowie was a fan of her menswear, I can imagine why:

Runway shot. Note how the model is rocking the derby shoes and dress combo. I'm going to discretely ignore the lace leggings, however. I refuse to wear them out, they remind me of phenomenally bad outfits from the 80s. I did, however, just buy a pair of Wolford velvet de luxe leggings to wear under my skinny jeans. They also work well paired with my thick ugly wool socks, which I need for my boots. I hate the feeling of socks over tights, so these leggings seem to be a happy solution.

Now for the Spring 2007 collection. I'm a little iffy right now, the prints aren't as deliriously obsessive as the current collection. I do like this collarless light coat, though:

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something different about this collection. A little more Marni/Dries Van Noten, a little less androgynous punky artsy menswear? Not that there's anything wrong with loose, flowing garments and pseudo ethnic prints, but still. Rachel Comey, what's going on??

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