Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Louis Boston summer sale

i am weeping as i type this post....louis boston's 50% off everything sale starts tomorrow morning. i'm not allowed to go within 200 ft of that building. did i mention i bought my beloved tom scott sweater at stel's? (pre-sale love)

i can only imagine what lovely dries van noten tops will be waiting for me. mayle. annelore. dare i say it? marni. and shoes. repetto, loeffler randall, marni, and more marni.

i'm leaving for houston on friday at 6am. i don't pray very often (bad catholic), but i did pray that the louis sale wouldn't begin until after i left. god clearly hates me. now i'm going to prove him and everyone wrong by not going to the sale tomorrow morning (and by go, i mean staking out the joint at 9am, sabotaging other shoppers, fueled by many shots of espresso, waving my lone credit card in the air).

instead, tomorrow i will bake this swedish visiting cake from Je Mange la Ville's website. my adviser and his partner invited me up to Rowley for steamed lobster tomorrow night, and i want to bring something nice for them. hopefully it won't come out a disaster! i'm not very domestic. i'm much better at shopping.


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