Tuesday, July 10, 2007

shopping online and being lazy

the new website for stel's is finally up! i'm a huge fan of dropping by their shop on newbury st., but i'm also a compulsive late-night and early-morning shopper/browser. having shopped at too many different places in boston, i have to say that stel's is the only shop i feel committed to. i really appreciate their intelligence and willingness to work with you. in contrast, there's a particular shop on newbury that carries interesting designers, but i can't stand being there for longer than a minute. i swear they've trained the salespeople to suggest at least one item to every customer, regardless of their interest. that's called pushing a product and moving inventory. i've worked retail, i understand what they're doing. but a huge part of selling is listening and reacting to your customer's expressed needs.

anyway, stel's carries many reliable labels (a.p.c., acne, united bamboo) that are otherwise difficult to find in this city. but what i like most about this store is that they carry things i would never have considered trying on. most of the time i fall back on my favorite labels, but once in awhile i surprise myself (e.g. the paperbag waist acne skirt). so, i'm really excited that they offer online shopping now. the brick and mortar experience is always preferable, but if you don't live in the area.... i also hear that Impulse (my west coast favorite) is launching online shopping next year. their blog is fantastic and addictive, so i can only imagine what their new site will be like.

the site i'll be visiting while in houston for the next three weeks:


Leslie said...

while in houston, my hometown, make sure you check out chloe dao's shop. (she won project runway.) her shop is in rice village, on kirby, and is called lot 8.

and it has beautiful clothes. :) have fun and get ready for some real heat!! :)

erica said...

thanks for the suggestion, leslie! the only shop i visited last time i was in houston was gurej. hopefully i'll find some more interesting ones while i'm there.