Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a.p.c. sandals on ebay

a.p.c. white sandals from last season, originally $333. there are two auctions right now for a size 37 and 40. the buy it now price is $99, and the starting bid is $64. since i wear a 39, neither will work for me. plus, i really love my super affordable white saltwater sandals!


Stephanie said...

i loooooved these sandals in red and that wierd snakey metallic they did! the 37 would fit me but i think white sandals would look really strange on me since i am so pale. good find though!

V said...

Where did you get your Saltwaters?! I love the way they look, but I can only find them in children's sizes! I even tried ebay! Thanks


erica said...

i bought mine at the sunrise leather company. next summer i'm going to buy a pair in yellow.