Tuesday, December 04, 2007

UNIFORM studio strand necklace

bought one of these today
it'll make a nice gift, i think


Stephanie said...

i like that necklace because it looks like a creepy-looking bone or something. i love her dresses too!

Ten Thousand Only said...

off topic, i saw a jacket at burberry i really like this weekend. i remember you found your burberry coat online...how do i go about finding it online and getting a discount?

i'm looking for the spring 2008 - Burberry London Quilted Bell Sleeve Jacket in black.

or am i destined to pay full price for it...? :)

erica said...

in terms of discounts for burberry items, my trench was purchased at bluefly.com, which means it was at least 1 season old.

you might try bluefly or yoox for past seasons. also, net-a-porter usually puts most of its burberry on sale at the end of every season, so they might be worth looking at.

before i pay full price, i usually do a quick search for online coupons for that particular vendor.

good luck!