Sunday, December 02, 2007

yellows and greys

new peter beaton sailor shirt
agnes b skirt
rebecca taylor cardigan

one week ago...


Nanashi said...

cute outfit, looks a bit cold though, I heard that it is snowing in boston now.

Tashkent's flats are on sale at Diani, thought I'd drop a line.

e said...

it was so hot in my apartment that day, i decided to dress up. but it's true, it's just starting to snow and i'm already grumbling about long underwear.

i am crossing my fingers that all those isabel marant pieces go on sale at diani.

Nanashi said...

I love isabel marant, too. Post-thanksgiving is bustling with sales now (probably in attempt to override the bad economy), it's great and bad (for my wallet)...speaking of keeping warm Inhabit is doing their sample sales their sweater.

Stephanie said...

love the striped tee! marimekko has a great boatneck black and white striped tee I'm thinking of picking up. I wish it came in navy and white though- so classic!