Sunday, March 30, 2008

nyc: part one

forsythia in the Met lobby. the courbet show is amazing.

in god we trust interior. matthew really like the men's clothing. i thought the sailor dresses and tops were cute, but the puffed sleeves were too intense for me.

jackalope at in god we trust.

i tried on these f-troupe lace-ups at bird. the leather is extremely soft, but the shoe runs really small. i usually wear a 39 or 8.5, and the 40s were too small on me.
$185, available on bird's website.

after stephanie posted on the 3.1 tatami collaboration, i kept an eye out for them in the city. i really wanted this pair, which are hard to find online. i tried them on at steven alan, loved them, but i'd rather buy something dressier. as of yesterday, they had them in 38 and 39, at the very least.
$150, steven alan, phone or email order only.

the print is really nice, but it didn't fit me very well. as in, i looked like a sack of potatoes.
$210, a.p.c.

it's true, this tunic top is shapeless. come on, touitou, we all know that jenny does it better.
$190, a.p.c.

it comes in a top, too! was sorely tempted, especially because i love chambray. the dressing room photos did not turn out well. oh, and i can't remember how much it costs, but maybe $155?
a.p.c., in store only.

the top was a little tricky to get into, and somewhat sheer even with the lining, but oh, it is glorious. i was in ruffle heaven.
$390(?), lyell.

i am in love with this dress. it is so comfortable and elegant. the silk georgette is light and stretchy, and the fit is perfection. nipped in the waist, but not too tight, and the sleeves drape beautifully. an effortless dress.
$495, lyell.


Moya said...

Thanks for posting these--I'm glad to know the Lyell dress I like fits well (the Holiday one like it did not!). Hope you are having a great weekend--check out the FIT exhibit if you have time.

Field Trip said...

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

The Lyell is lovely.

Stephanie said...

I love the first picture of the met! The yellow tree (?) is so pretty... can't wait to hear how the rest of it went!

Lola Is Beauty said...

haha, glad to have confirmation it's not just me! I love the look of the f-troupe shoes, hmmm....

erica said...

isn't f-troupe british? the girls at bird told me that they didn't have anything larger than a 40.

jenny said...

hey, glad you had fun! i love the yellow sandals and the f-troupe shoes. i have to agree with you about the apc sack-like fit. i love the designs and the whole idea of it, but i feel pretty frumpy and unattractive when i try on some of their tops and dresses too. i think in god we trust is a fun shop, but i'm with you on the puffy sleeves! when i lived in new york, i was friends with shana (owner/designer)'s roomate lacy. i've always been amazed by shana's creativity. although every time i ever talked to her i'm sure she was too drunk to remember me! : )

f-troupe doesn't have anything larger than 40? too bad for me! that probably means koos doesn't have my size either. and just when i finally found someone to buy them for me!

erica said...


maybe more sizes are available elsewhere? maybe f-troupe was having sizing issues with this particular shoe? wishful thinking...

when we were at the muji store, i noticed that their shoes only went to a size 8. hmmm. i'll have to ask my friend in tokyo about japanese shoes.

Joanna Goddard said...

apc never fits me well! i always look like a sack of potatoes. it's sad bc i love their prints and cuts, but who looks good in their things? i don't know :(

erica-knits said...

aw this makes me sad, because I have size 40 feet. shucks. I'm loving the run down.

jenny said...

erica, i was disappointed by the shoe sizes too when i went to muji. i wanted to buy a pair.

erica said...

i used to look good in apc. i'd like to think it's the brand, not me, that's changed...

i'm waiting to hear back from my friend about japanese shoe sizes.

amy korngiebel said...

i really like the f-troupe lace-ups. super cute. awesome find!

Anonymous said...