Wednesday, March 26, 2008

shopping in brooklyn

edit:: well, it looks like williamsburg and soho/nolita will be my main destinations. i wish i had more time to fully explore the area...

i will be in brooklyn on saturday and would love any suggestions for itineraries. i've only been to the cobble hill/smith st. area.

possible excursion sites include: jumelle, bird, erie basin, a.p.c. surplus, sodafine, sprout home, and moon river chattel.

hmm, i really need to start mapping these places so i can see how feasible it will be.

any thoughts on:
coffee shops
home goods


tiffany... said...

williamsburgh is always fun. all of the shops are great and there's lots of delicious food to eat. also, the people watching is pretty good too... lots of fashionable hipsters to look at.
i also highly recommend going into soho. sullivan street has a lot of great shopping and there's a bakery called grand daisy that is so delicious i dream about it!
have fun erica!

and, good luck with that dissertation writing... shopping seems like it will be a good cure for that!
i have some more sewing projects in the works that will go up on flickr soon... thanks for the compliment!

sian said...

i live in park slope, brooklyn and there is a lot of great shopping here! definitely bird, i know you have that on your list already but it is too good to miss! cog and pearl is nice, too. there is also rare device on the other side of the slope. there are a lot of great antique stores and boutiques on fifth ave from around 1st or 2nd street all the way to where 5th meets atlantic.

have fun!

have fun!

Lena said...

oh fun!
everything is pretty spread out. will you have a car?

my faves in williamsburg, roughly by area, are (it is best to map it out!):

-apc surplus, of course
-sprout home (plant and home store)
-moon river chattel (home store)
-cosmos and two jakes (expensive mid century furniture)
-about glamour
-bookstore next to the mini mini mart
-in god we trust
-built by wendy
-the future perfect
-beacon's closet

and you will pass many others as your walking...

marlow and sons
cafe 1980


i hope you make it to erie basin, but it's pretty remote, and not easy to get to w/o a car.

jen said...

i agree with lena's list. if you do make it out to erie basin, i can recommend some places near by. you might also want to call, because they always seem to be closed when i go by.
in red hook:
-saipua-beautiful flowers and handmade soap
-baked-great bakery. the mini cupcakes and scones are really good
-hope & anchor-great diner with excellent bloody marys.
-antique store next to hope & anchor for a little browsing
-a walk down by the water is a must and a stop by steves key lime pie.
have fun!

codename: tiny said...

My favorite store in the entire city is Stuart & Wright in Fort Greene. Williamsburg is pretty dreadful--it's a hipster disneyland...

jenny said...

i was going to tell you to go to in god we trust, but lena's list covered that. there's one in williamsburg and one in manhattan too. i also like lyell in soho. lena's list is pretty much perfect though!

Nanashi said...

You're heading to brooklyn! I went there last week to visit my sister and I pretty much went to all the places listed already, Bird is awesome (although a bit far apart from other stores), the things they do not post online is beautiful, too (esp the Crane necklace that was in display on Smith st. store); Oak was great, In God We Trust, I checked both the SoHo and Brooklyn store, it seemed like SoHo had a bit more merchandise, Built by Wendy has the full range at Brooklyn, everything is far better to see in person than online (I got their canvas wedge in purple, it is waiting for its debut day), Catbird was quite cute, too, they got a generous sale going on and all the merchandise were ones I barely even heard of, Mayle got her store on Elizabeth street in NoLiTa so if you want to immerse yourself in her collection that might be a great place to check out, though not in Brooklyn, and the best tea (sorry not coffee) shop is right next to NYU campus, I always stop by at the Teaspot to buy their tea leaves, also in williamsburg there is a store that has European vintage, forgot the name but if you do the search on jargol it should pop out.

well, and I paid my visit to the Margiela store and after paying tax I am truly broke. (but well, happy).

erica said...

thanks for all the suggestions! i wish i were bringing my car, but i don't know if the gasoline and parking are worth the convenience.

i will probably spend a little time in soho, just to go to mayle, lyell and apc (staying away from margiela because that would be disastrous for my wallet!), but i am so looking forward to going to brooklyn finally.

time to start mapping, i guess! you are all wonderfully helpful...

Angela said...

How about Mick Margo in the West Village, or Honey in the Rough? I haven't been to either, but have been meaning to for a while.

Also, Seven New York in Soho has things you aren't likely to see many other places, like Bruno Pieters, Preen, and Haider Ackermann. Definitely out of my budget (even at 50% off), but I went to fondle the clothes.

Sm. said...

The Roebling Tea House is a great place for brunch, lunch, or dinner. It's a very cozy, comfortable place with good food. Be warned of the Dutch pancake: it's huge!

Beacon's Closet is a must, as is Spoonbill and Sugartown Books on Bedford Avenue. And the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is a fun stop if you're a Dave Eggers or McSweeney's fan (it's located on 5th Avenue in Park Slope).

There is so much great shopping (as mentioned above already). Unfortunately, I don't remember the store names as I've only been to Williamsburg for a few days and the whole trip was a whirlwind.

Have a grand time!

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