Sunday, May 04, 2008

baking and planning

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hello hello.
so, i've been a little busy with end-of-semester projects. i have 57 papers that need to be graded sooner rather than later. i know that many of my students put much thought and care into their work, so i'd like to spend the time needed to do their papers justice.

anyway, i have been spending quite a bit of time baking, which is an activity that i normally shy away from (the dishes! the expense! the mess!). however, i am hosting a baby shower next saturday, which means lots and lots of buttermilk lemon zest cookies (via Orangette). i've baked two batches now, and they are indeed delicious.

i'd also like to blame my absence on too many consecutive days of gloom and rain. it 'is' may, right?

i hope everyone is doing well. martha is joining the one-a-day club and will begin posting something every day beginning monday, may 5th. stephanie will also update her shop with her latest collection 'picnic' on monday (1pm pst). i know that jenny
is sewing like crazy and will unveil her new collection soon. hooray!

eyelet rocks from here.


d.goligorsky said...

Yes, the lemon zest cookies are delicious!

jenny gordy said...

hi, erica! i missed ya! good luck with all those papers, that sounds tough. i'm sure you'll do a great job though. it's nice to hear what's going on in your life. also, it so awesome of you to host a baby shower! those cookies look really good, i'll have to make them. i hate the cleaning up part of baking too. sometimes joe does that for me. i'm bad.

oh, and i owe you an e-mail, but i think you know how behind i am! : )