Tuesday, May 13, 2008

steven alan sample sale, anyone?

steven alan is having a sample sale (75%) from Thursday through Sunday.

5/15 8.30-8
5/16 8.30-8
5/17 12-7
5/18 12-5
103 Franklin St., nr. Church St.

also, 70% off overstock at A.P.C. , Friday through Sunday (12-7), 35 Grand St., nr. Kent Ave., Williamsburg

i have to teach a review session on friday, so there's no way i could make it out there until saturday morning. is anyone going? would the steven alan sale be worth the trip on saturday?


Moya said...

Hi Erica,

It's not worth it, especially if you have to come into the city. I used to go and skipped it. Basically, most of the stuff is really old and is creased, worn and looks like it has been in storage forever (5-10 year old stock, often including labels that no longer exist). That's where the huge discounts lie. Especially since they opened the outlet on the UWS, the sale has been poor. It's always completely crowded with people who think there has to be a nugget there somewhere. I was in the outlet when they were pulling pieces from the shelves. The Mayle is the big leopard print bags with the orange trim (the girls commented on how these wouldn't sell again) and one dress--the velveteen and white one that I have from fall 07. They had about 5 boxes (one full of the Mayle bags) that they seemed to be taking from the outlet, the rest is really old stock.

It sounds a lot better than it is. I've gone several times and never found anything. They have a huge preview the day before which I've gone to with a friend who used to work in one of the local galleries--there was nothing even then, but still large crowds. I'm skipping it, although I hope to visit the APC outlet this week (I'll report back).

Moya said...

I forgot to make it clear, but I'm posting about the Steven Alan sample sale!

Lena said...

hey erica,
i'm planning to go to both sales.
i agree somewhat, the steven alan sale isn't what it used to be... but i usually find something. i used to go as soon as the sale started, but notw i just stop by whenever i can. i've been on a saturday before, and i would say it's still worth it.

Joanna Goddard said...

interesting comments...i was planning to go, but maybe not anymore?

erica, we should have a drink sometimes when you come into the city. i would love to meet you! :)

xo joanna

erica said...

maybe i'll pass on the sale. it seems like such a bother to take the bus for a day's worth of shopping.

i'm hoping to spend at least two days in nyc at the end of this month. it's all a matter of securing accommodations with a friend of mine.

let me know how the sales are. i'm curious about the a.p.c. sale...

Jeannie said...

i love s.alan's button downs and i find a ton whenever i go. they had great bathing suits during the winter sample sale so maybe there will be some good stuff from the winter lines. you have to go the first day which is when i went, otherwise everything is gone, rendering the sale pretty useless.

erica said...

thanks for the tip, jeannie. i think i'll skip this sale, even though i'm in need of more buttondowns. i guess the outlet will have to do for me.

Moya said...

The racked.com folks weren't particularly positive about the Steven Alan sale. This is their report.

Also, tons of button downs on sale at their outlet--I'm wearing one now that I got last week and I love it.

Though it opened at 4pm today obstinately for "press," the Steven Alan sale at 87 Franklin Street was packed with plenty of regular old shoppers this afternoon rifling through the long racks of SA-brand button-downs and tunic dresses. The usual sample sale antics were in effect: women were stripping down to their underwear next to the merchandise, and teams of employees were manning the door, checking all bags, and patrolling the aisles. There didn't appear to be any huge steals yet—most items were marked down about a hundred dollars from their original price, so don't expect to run out of there with armfuls of $30 jeans and shirts.

Pricing details: There were some coats were marked down a little over a hundred dollars from $495 and some trousers marked down from around $295. Short-sleeve Steven Alan button downs for women were $48, men's short-sleeve button downs and women's long-sleeve were $58, and men's long-sleeve were $68. There were some shoes, but not a huge selection, and two cardboard boxes with some flimsy strips of thin madras that SA is tricking people into thinking are bras for $29, along with another box of equally ridiculous ruffled panties. Hopefully, they'll drop the prices as the sale goes on.

erica said...

thanks for posting their report, moya. it seems ridiculous that they're having an early opening for 'press' considering it sounds like there isn't much to buy.

i hope the a.p.c. sale is better!

vbaish said...

not that you need another voice saying the same thing, but i agree that the steve alan sample sale is not the treat it used to be. i am going to try out the a.p.c. sale.

and i should say that, after you got those lovely philip lim tatami sandals, i was inspired to give tatami a try. i went for the yellow, ankle-strap ones though. very comfortable and still stylish.

erica said...

it sounds like you bought the pair that i tried on at steven alan. i love my tatamis so much, although they aren't the best for cycling...

good luck with the a.p.c. sale everyone!

avalanche said...

pbi but when is the apc sale? is it going to be online or in store?

erica said...

the sale will be in williamsburg, alas, for us non-nyc people.

avalanche said...

oh thanks! oops, i can't read, it's right there on your blog entry =) i was hoping for the s/s markdown...guess that'll be another while.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

i went to the steven alan sample sale yesterday around 9:30 in the morning and scored a cotton/cashmere blend sweater for myself for $60, and an "inside-out" reverse seam shirt for my boyfriend for $68 - not too shabby! a lot of the stuff was actually current,from the spring 2009 collection, and the only complaint i can make is that all steven alan's clothes are made so small! there were about a gagillion things i wanted and only 1/4 of a gagillion things that would fit me...but still, i could have purchased a lot more if i had the money. basically there is nothing there that i would not have wanted if it fit me and if i had enough money to buy everything in the store, which is precisely the same feeling i get from the regular store.

overall i think the sale was great and is worth stopping by. i'm going again with my boyfriend this evening, since my glowing review has caused him to feel the need to check it out personally.