Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the great oxford hunt continues

well, it must be almost autumn again. so during the past year i bought and returned two different pairs of rachel comey oxfords. not to mention the year before that. lesson learned, no rachel comey shoes for me.

impulse had a pair of grey suede opening ceremony oxfords on sale last month, but i decided to pass on them.

i also coveted a pair of cut-out f-troupes, but bird didn't have them in my size.

so, what next?
take these frye oxfords, for example. i like the dark brown leather, but i'm less than thrilled by the back buckle.

i suppose i could keep scouring thrift shops (etsy and elsewhere), but my feet are too ornery for no-returns policies.

i like these tracey neuls, but i'm not sure the dark green color will work with my outfits. if i liked black more, i would definitely buy a pair of repettos, but apparently i have my heart set on dark brown. has anyone seen a pair of well-made, comfortable brown oxfords for under $300? i would love to have a pair of practical autmn shoes before i switch to my winter boots.


Sara said...

are you sure repetto doesn't make dark brown? i was in a repetto shop yesterday and they seemed to have all kinds of colors (including patent blue!)

Sara said...

ok, so i guess it really is black, or white or blue

erica said...

thanks for checking, sara! there's a pair of electric blue repettos on sale a bird, but i don't think i'm brave enough to wear those!

jenny gordy said...

i saw the frye ones in the urban outfitters catalog and really liked them. i have several pairs of fryes, and they're just good shoes. too bad you don't like the buckle. i actually really like that. it makes them look more interesting and kind of old-timey to me. i'll be on the lookout for some oxfords for you!

Jeanette said...

good to see you posting again Erica, I've been checking every day.

yanilea123 said...
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Stephanie said...

Hey Erica!

I love a challenge- I will keep an eye out for you if I come across anything I think you might like!

erica said...


hmm, i'll have to check my local UO and see how i feel about the buckle. i do love old-timey clothing and accessories, too, but i'm having a hard time imagining these shoes with my autumn wardrobe. frye hasn't failed me yet, so they're definitely worth a second look.

Unknown said...

I love my oxford shoes I got from Jeffrey Campbell though they aren't the best quality. I had to get them resoled after only 2 months

Sara said...

i ended up falling in love with the Diane sandals on the repetto site and then finding them for less on la redoute so now i have you to thank for my new (coming tomorrow) sandals!

erica said...

cute sandals, sara! i wish the US La Redoute site carried more labels. sometimes they have some nice pieces, but in general, the European versions have better things (especially the UK Urban Outfitters).

i like jeffrey campbell, too, but i had a similar problem with a pair of mocs that fell apart within a month. grrr.

S said...

I know how you feel, I've been looking for a pair of brown oxfords as well. There's a pair by Margaret Howell from last fall that I loved but was never able to find them. I ended up getting a black pair from Les Prairies De Paris, which I love but still really want a brown pair. I will definitely contact you if I find any!

joyce said...

hi erica,

i feel your oxford search pain. i did just run across these:

not sure about the whipstitch accents but they could be super-cute in person.

good luck!


erica said...

joyce, thanks for the link. i like tracey neuls shoes, but i agree, the whipstitching might be too much for me. why can't they just make a simple oxford for us minimalists?

Anonymous said...