Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what i did on my summer vacation

first, we went to a fourth of july weekend wedding in rhode island. i helped make flower pompoms, and a friend officiated.

a few days later a friend and i went to d.c. to visit friends from college and grad school. i didn't take too many photos because i was too busy wilting in the heat. we stayed at the tabard inn, which was infinitely charming (but very very dark inside). i also ran into renee by chance in georgetown. she recognized me in that sunshine and shadow dress.

the day after we returned from d.c., matthew and i hopped on a plane to portland. i was fitted for my new sandals at sara barner's studio (they should be here soon). matthew had an espresso at stumptown and decided it was in his top 10. i went to a few stores but liked canoe the best. the carry-on chopsticks are exactly what i need. after a few hours in the city, we drove down to eugene to meet his parents. for the next six days, very little was accomplished. i ate too much junkfood and napped on the deck.

after a delayed flight, missed connection, and 3-hr 'night's rest' at the red roof inn in burlingame, we finally made it home yesterday afternoon. i'm taking the day off to clean the house, play with the cats, and catch up on my blogroll. i hope everyone has been having a good july so far...


jenny gordy said...

glad you had such a fun vacation! we missed you!

Viv said...

Oy, are those the flower pompoms you were responsible for the same ones hanging under the white wedding tent?!

If so, please share how they were made or direct us somewhere online we can learn! They're fantastic, and I'd love them for my dorm room.

chelsea said...

Yippee! You are back! Glad you liked Canoe so much!

Stephanie said...

Glad you had a great trip! I love those flower pompoms. Great pictures of the nest and feather. I love finding feathers. I like pigeon feathers for some reason, but I'm scared I might catch some bird disease if I pick one up... hehe- silly I know.

Moya said...

Welcome back--I'm glad you had such a great trip, flight delays notwithstanding. I love the photos. Give your cats a big cuddle from me--I bet they missed you terribly.

erica said...

the instructions for the flower pompoms are on martha stewart's website. i highly recommend paper source's tissue paper because it doesn't tear as easily.

i am super glad to be back home, although it was nice to lounge about lazily for 7 days. once we've recovered, i'm sure we'll zip off to nyc for the late summer sales!

Anonymous said...


Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

Your ring is BEAUTIFUL! I just came to your lovely blog via Even Cleveland. xo Abbey