Wednesday, June 02, 2010

hand-made love, elective affinities, and nyc

leon loves his dachshund, which was made by sian keegan. i'm pretty sure it isn't intended for all the love that he wants to give it, but he has chosen it as a lovey.

i dug out my pip-squeak chapeau dress, which i thought wouldn't work for nursing. turns out i was wrong, so now i can wear it as often as i'd like. the only thing is the armholes are so big that i have to layer it with a camisole. i've yet to find one that doesn't mar the dress' neckline.

along with pip-squeak, other children's clothing designers that make lovely things for adults include:
album di famiglia
le bouton
vestiare de cle (the older sister of vestiare de jeanne)
and makie.

i like the idea of wearing hand-made linen dresses, trousers, skirts, and tops in loose simple shapes. a good pair of warm-weather pants is probably at the top of my list. if you're in portland on friday, chelliswilson has new designs by lisa dorr of le bouton available.

also, leon and i will be in nyc from monday til thursday to visit friends, try on shoes and jumpsuits, and stuff ourselves silly. i'd love to hear of new or little-known places to visit while we're there!


NG said...

there are two must visit places in NYC:
Shopping: Kisan Concept Store 125 greene st between houston and prince. They have the most amazing mix of things, and everything is just beautiful and special.
Food: S'mac - best macaroni and cheese. It's a small place, but worth visiting for a quick delicious bite. 12th street between 1st and 2nd ave.
By the way in addition to your list of children's clothing brands fit for adults I would also add Bonpoint and Finger in the Nose.

MWM said...

that jumpsuit is gorgeous! I'm curious to hear how it fits you. I am a bit short and don't think jumpsuits work well on short people in general. but I love them.

I just got the no. 6 lace up clogs and they are perfect. so comfortable and beautifully made.

I'm assuming you've heard of Kiosk in NYC?

have a great trip!

have a great trip!

Design Scouting said...

could leon be any cuter? I don't think so!

Tracy said...

Bu and the Duck. A children's boutique in Tribeca across from Steven Alan. Very turn of the century store aesthetics and the clothes are pricey but great --and only available at the store.

nikole said...

gosh leon is cute!