Tuesday, August 31, 2010

carven toggle coat

in spite of my vast collection of coats, i am still missing the crucial toggle coat. i nearly bought a black watch plaid one from chimala last year when it was marked down to $300 at bird, but i waited too long. i'm intrigued by the shape of this carven coat. the front doesn't really correspond to the back, and i can't tell if i like that or not. i almost feel as if the cocoon shape should be consistent throughout, although the box pleat would make it comfortable for bicycling.

found at la garconne (and much too expensive for me).

classes start on thursday. it feels strange to be teaching again after a 1.5 year hiatus.


romaine said...

I was just drooling over that same coat too!! On of the best toggle coats I have ever seen, but i do agree about the front/back thing. I can't even aford those bensimons right now though. Hopefully there will be more affordable ones coming out this season.

Anna said...

Beautiful coat. I'm thinking of adding to my coat collection, too (I'm contemplating the black cape at Toast).
Good luck with your first day back! I began teaching again last week, after a 1.5 year break while staying home with my now 19 month old. Lots to juggle and the transition has been hard, but it's nice to be in contact with students again (and to have a little more time to myself to write and do research)!

Anna McClurg said...

i love how warm and comfy it looks. and how you could probably fit that coat over the thickest sweater. that's my kind of coat!