Monday, October 18, 2010

VPL cardigan

VPL always makes such good sweaters.

looks like i'll be up all night again, working, working. october and november are probably the most stressful months of the academic year. i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm wearing a pair of 10 year old juicy couture velour pants and wool hiking socks.

and after all these years, i'm still obsessed with the united bamboo fishtail parka. i've yet to see anyone do a better version. now if only i could get one for less that $400.

as for my baki coat, i wear it pretty much every day, usually with a very short dress/tunic, tights, and my no. 6 ankle boots. will try to post photos once this wretched week is over!


tiffany... said...

hi erica!
i should be going to bed... but, my runny/ stuffy nose is keeping me up... not to mention lesson planning and record keeping... ugh!

good luck with the next few months... i can't imagine having to do all the work and being a mom on top of that... wow!

i'm right there with you... with the comfy pants and unflattering socks. it's the only way to get through these new england autumnal nights!

take care erica! hope things smooth themselves out and you find that fabulous parka at a resonable price!

jennifer said...

Haha, old sweat pants and thick socks...that about sums up my outfits these days too!

I love that United Bamboo parka, it's absolutely gorgeous. Didn't it go on sale last year on the Creatures of Comfort site? I saw that Marc by Marc Jacobs came out with something similar this year, but it's nowhere near as nice.

Catherine said...

I love the VPL cardigan/sweater too. I did laugh at your outfit description, and totally identify with it. Comfort is such a priority for me since becoming a parent. And I had no idea it was that cold there yet. Your parcel's in the mail tomorrow!

Claire said...

Ugh, that VPL cardi looks so snuggly. I say ugh instead of ooh because it's cold and I got caught in a torrential rain storm earlier. I guess winter's coming...the cardi

joyce said...

good luck with your apps! i'm already starting to think about grant proposals for year after next. bleh.

Riacassa said...

i have this coat:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=140&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=W_OUTERWEAR&popId=WOMENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

i love it!! it reminds me a little bit of the fishtail parka. It has the fishtail effect and the same pockets, but it doesn't have fur on the hood. It is a great layering piece. Hope this helps!