Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mociun wrap dress


the last clothing collection by caitlin mociun. i love this print. purchased at robber (let's not dwell on the taxes or the mark-up, it makes me sad). i thought i could order the medium from totokaelo, but when i tried it on at robber, it was much too big in the waist. thank goodness for brick and mortar stores.

southern california swallowed me whole. disneyland, sea world, laguna beach, south coast plaza, desert hills outlet, and oh yes, a marni dress to wear at my best friend's wedding. i love outlets and labor day sales.

tomorrow is my first real day lecturing. gulp. i think my brain is still somewhere on the 405.

looking forward to fall and breaking out my luccheses. i spent 2 amazing days in southern new mexico, and all i want is to go back.

many changes are afoot, not least of all a move to yet another apartment. time to start packing those books again!


joyce said...

i go this too! the medium is a little big in the waist (sadly not big enough for me to take a size down). the print is awesome.

Cheryl said...

I love the print of this dress. Good luck tomorrow!

R.G. said...

good luck on your first day!

jennifer said...

I love this dress and the print, but I'm not sure how well I can pull off wrap styles.

Good luck today and with the upcoming move!

Jocy said...

Good luck on your first day! I love wrap dresses, and Mociun's last collection is a must.

erica said...

thanks! just trying to get this lecture to come together after a rough night of interrupted sleep.

wrap dresses are tricky because they rarely fit me well (unless they're made of jersey or another clingy material). i don't find them to be as comfortable as my sack dresses. i wish a.p.c. would make more of the short kimono sleeved dresses.

Anna said...

I guess you're happy with the dress? It looks great, and like it could be so versatile. I'm thinking of buying it, and assume from your post that you sized down to a small. Does it seem to you that in general, a size down in this one is the way to go?

erica said...

I really do like the dress and am planning to wear it layered as styled by Totokaelo.

I found the small to be tight in the shoulders (a typical problem for me), but the medium isn't much bigger. The medium is much looser in the bust and empire waist, so those are the measurements that you should be careful about.

I would say it's true to size for the most part. If you're handy with a needle and thread, you might be able to move the hook-eye closure on the medium for a snugger fit.

I'll try to post measurements tonight. Hope this helps!

Anna said...

Yes, that's a great help, Erica. Thank you! And I agree, the Totokaelo styling is very cool, as usual.

Unknown said...

Love this dress...looks like a great seasonless piece...hope you had a great first day!

amelia said...

Girl, those taxes are going toward great things like universal health care. Nothing sad about it!

caitlyn said...

hey, i work there! i tried on this dress too - it's pretty great. hope you enjoy your dress.


erica-knits said...

I have the matching wrap skirt! Erin was telling me this is her last clothing collection :(.

I hope you had a good first class and good luck with your move!

nanashi said...

last design by mociun?? so sad to hear. the dress looks really cute and yes trying on in brick and mortar store can never be beaten (just had to return something I got online . . . note to self).

good luck on your lecture! I'm sure you'll do great =)

Victoria said...

That dress looks like it has great texture. I love the shape!