Thursday, September 15, 2011

my uniform + primoeza

photo by MAV

chest pocket cardigan at chelliswilson

plaid button down, pleated pants, skinny belt, cardigan. yep, that pretty much sums up my daily outfit. i try to wear dresses when i can, but i'm a creature of habit. 8 years of a school uniform, and 20 years later i'm set in my ways.

i've been waiting and waiting for the fall primoeza collection, and this cardigan fits the bill. now that i'm in a new town with a different collective aesthetic, i've become hyper conscious of just how preppy my style is. i guess you can take a girl out of cambridge, but you can't take the cambridge out of the girl.


julia said...

it's funny growing up i couldn't stand things that were preppy... i guess i was too much of a rebellious hippy, haha. (thinking back to my patchwork pants, cringe!) but now that's all i want to wear, button up shirts and cardigans and pants - i love that aesthetic. alas, even though i live across the river, maybe cambridge has rubbed off on me as well!

you need to get one of her sweaters, they are amazing!!! :)

Anna said...

I was wondering when these would be photographed for their site. That oatmeal cardigan you picture is gorgeous. I also really love the open cardigan in the rust color. Either would be perfect for fall!

erica said...

i know, preppy can be so bad in huge doses. i couldn't stand the upturned polo shirt collars, but a button down shirt, trousers, and a cardigan are classic.

i miss cambridge. i didn't think i would feel it so badly but i do.

a m o u r e t t e said...

love that cardigan

ashley said...

you can never go wrong with preppy, agreed. classic

P R I M O E Z A said...

thanks for the link erica - i've been reading your blog forever :)