Saturday, September 08, 2012

work jacket

i'm sorry i haven't been able to post frequently this summer, but i was watching both kids full-time, researching, and had to rely on my not-so-trusty phone for basic emailing and news browsing. although i am not teaching this fall, the cold weather in toronto goes well into spring, so i'm hoping to justify finally purchasing a work jacket.

while in LA we stopped by the steven alan store on abbot kinney, where i was able to try on the new julien jacket. i was in a rush, so i tried on the 4, which was a little tight in the arms. currently i'm between a 6 and an 8, and i think the 6 would be the best fit for me. maybe others who have tried it on can chime in, but i suspect it runs true to size to slightly big.

anyway, as much as i dislike black (cat hair magnet), i think i would prefer it to the dark grey multi fabric because it's much softer and cozier (70% wool, 30% polyamide). i'm hoping to find it on sale in january, but we'll see how that goes! i did try on the jcrew schoolboy blazer, but it fit so oddly in the shoulders. the store didn't have the hacking jacket, but maybe that would be a better alternative?

aside from a jacket, the only other thing on my list is a pair of shearling lined l.l. bean boots. last year i learned the hard way that you need to order them before winter, otherwise they're on backorder!


Mona said...
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joyce said...

I would definitely try to see the J.Crew jacket in person before you buy. The hacking jacket last year had really thick material, which bunched in strange ways on me. I ended up with a SA Annette blazer that I really like -- the material was softer and the fit slouchier, but I preferred it that way.

erica said...

i agree, i need to try on the hacking jacket. i missed out on the Annette last year, but i suspect the Julien is similar. it looked tailored but relaxed, which i liked.

Unknown said...
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Mona said...

A huge JCrew sale convinced me to try the schoolboy jacket which was oddly sized and I find a good fit in a 6 where I thought I would take a 4. It may be becomes post two kids I remain oddly with a large chest and struggle with finding a fit in many items that I love like button down shirts; I was pleasantly surprised with the schoolboy. There is a Steven Alan in Boston now so I should try the jackets there at some point. I tried a long time ago in Tribeca win the sale rack that did not have my size with no luck. Brooks Brothers no longer has the occasional decent blazer. I wear blazers a lot and the search continues.