Monday, February 25, 2013


Rachel Comey Wren Dress at Steven Alan
Been spending too much time looking at Mars boots online...and now I want a dress to go with them.

Long story short, the 8s are too small, the 9s are a little too big (an insole works), but I'd rather go a little big rather than try to track down 8.5s from a previous season. I ordered what I thought were heavily reduced Mars boots from Yoox, returned the 8s to Gravity Pope (we exchanged them for a pair of shoes for Matthew), and am now deciding what to do next.

I can order them in the US and have a friend mail them to me (hopefully they would arrive with time to spare so I can break them in for a few days before the 13th). Or I can swallow my pride and pay an extra $70 to have them right now. The funny part is that I was able to pay the full Canadian price this weekend while in the store, but now that I'm shoe-less and at home, I've become stubborn and peeved about the markup.


Anna McClurg said...

Hm, I'd probably just go for having the friend get them in the US and save the $70. I'm sure you would still have enough time to break them in. Ideally you would want a pair of shoes that are not uncomfortable on first wearing them anyway. I know your shoe dilemma, though. I'm about an 8.5, although I waver between 8 and 8.5 and then sometimes even the 8 is too big, but the 7.5 is way too small. ugh! Anyway, good luck! ;)

leanne said...

Beautiful dress!

As soon as you started this discussion I learned that I have to travel to Seattle, Florida, and London for work in the next few months. Thinking the Mars would be excellent travel / presentation / meeting shoes.

Let me know if you need to use my address in DC ..


erica said...

I swear they were fine in the store, and by evening I could barely put them on! Maybe I should cut back on sodium consumption, haha.

Leanne, thanks for the offer...I think I'm going to buy them here and cut my losses!

Mona said...
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Mona said...

the issue is that the heel slips no matter what unless there are too small, my experience and the one of many online. It is like a clog wear? Does an insole help with the heel slipping/can you walk a long time with a heel that slips?