Wednesday, February 27, 2013

two outfits for two days in march {J.Crew 20% discount code}

interview no. 2

interview no. 2, day 2

ETA: try the code INSIDER for 20% off and free shipping at J.Crew. i just checked it, and it seems to be working!
i've been spending far too much time coming up with outfits....when i really should be working.

after waffling on the Rachel Comey Mars boots, i've decided against them for now. the loose heel and tight toe box make me nervous about spending so much money for what will most likely be uncomfortable after a few hours wear. at this point i've decided to work with what i have, adding two new pieces (the j.crew pinwheel eyelet pencil skirt in navy and silk peter pan collar top). i picked up a pair of cece flats in boulevard green over the holidays for $47, and pretty much everything else was purchased well over five years ago.

unsurprisingly, i gravitate toward j.crew when it comes to interview clothing. i wish i could get a new bag, maybe in a dark gray or black. i have a small LV damier bag that my mom gave me, but i always feel strange carrying it. also, it isn't very practical because of its size.

the only two 'imaginary outfit' pieces are the pyrrha necklace ("in lumine luce") and satomi kawakita diamon disc earrings, neither of which will be accompanying me. if all goes well, maybe they'll end up in my jewelry box later this year...?


Mona said...

J Crew is a stable in my work outfit for suits and skirts. It works and the price is right...allowing money to shift towards anything by Satomi !

Amanda said...

Good luck with the interview! I think it's very wise to skip those Mars booties, you want to be comfortable and confident in an interview and if your shoes are killing you (or like me, it makes you slip), that's not a good thing.

joyce said...

If you feel confident about what you're wearing, it'll show through in your interview. Good luck with everything! I know how all-consuming the process can feel.

jennifer said...

Good luck! Those are some very nice looking outfits.

Sarge in Charge said...

I want to hear what you think about the Peter Pan collar tee! There were a couple long sleeve versions last fall and apparently one was much better than the other- I was bummed to miss out on the "good" one.

erica said...

i tried on the silk collar tee earlier this week and loved it. the knit is both thick and airy (almost nubby in texture), and the collar is just the right size (not too big). it has bust darts, which makes it sleek and perfect for tucking in to a high waisted skirt.

try the code INSIDER for 20% off and free shipping at J.Crew!

Jade said...

good luck with your interview!! comfort is a must. makes sense to put the mars on the back burner if you are at all apprehensive.