Saturday, May 04, 2013


Source: via Annie on Pinterest

We're heading to Montreal on Tuesday morning for a quick two day work trip. We're staying with friends in the Plateau neighborhood. I've never been to Montreal before. I know it's a favorite destination, so I'll be going through a few of your archived posts (Julia and Joyce, anyone else?) for tips. Considering we'll have 2-3 little kids with us, I don't want to make ambitious plans. However, if there's something you think I should absolutely see or do while there, please let me know!


joyce said...

Definitely hit up the Jean Talon Market -- so much good food and produce. Les Etoffes for window shopping. Drawn + Quarterly is a great bookstore. Lawrence for oysters (or a great, though crowded, brunch). The parks are also sure to be buzzing if the weather is nice.

popcorn plays said...

echoing joyce on all of her recommendations! adding a suggestion to stop to phonopolis (next door to drawn + quarterly) for excellent record shopping. and endorsing her pick of lawrence for oysters and/or brunch... not just because i work there! if you come by, come say hi! i'll hook you up with some yummy madelines. : )

Tina said...

We had lunch at Jardin Nelson, which was a lot of fun for Z. Enjoy yourselves!

erica said...

oh man, i forgot about drawn and quarterly!

someone else recommended nota bene for paper goods.

i can't say i love oysters, but brunch sounds yummy in general. will try to make it to lawrence for bite to eat!