Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer shirtdresses

Steven Alan Genevieve Shirtdress

I have such a fondness for sleeveless shirtdresses. Here's another one by Steven Alan, this time with a narrower skirt. All I need is this dress, my Saltwaters, and a new prescription for my sunglasses.

It's been boring J.Crew for me these days. There's something about summer where I wilt and give in to 3" chino shorts and short-sleeve button up shirts.

Three more at Myth + Symbol that I would happily add to my collection
Ilana Kohn Ladder Eibel Dress
Dusen Dusen Curves Collared Dress
Steven Alan Eloise Dress


Mona said...

I love this shirtdress! Sadly post two babies I am bigger busted and nothing works, I am going to see a tailor to sew shut one shirt and see if there is some hope...I am that close to call it quits with buttons. Good luck with the move, keep your chin up, take small rests for your soul and mind in the process.

Sarge in Charge said...

I keep hoping Everlane will expand into dresses, starting with a poplin shirtdress to go with their blouses!

Unknown said...

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