Thursday, July 11, 2013

what i've been doing

the Ballast book bag by Book/Shop

i spent four weeks looking for an apartment. 

it rained and rained. our laneway turned into a river.

we're moving in nine days.

i'm going to see this man in two weeks.

aside from that, i've been keeping to myself these days. i've been finding it slow-going climbing out of this well i'm in.


jennifer said...

Good luck with the move. I sure hope the weather cooperates.

Keep on climbing! :)

joyce said...

Yes, lots of luck! You can do it! It's been terrible weather here too but I sense a break soon.

Amanda said...

I love that bag - it's right up there with a Rennes tote for a list of wants. Also, between your posts and comments on my blog, I feel we need to get together and commiserate about how grad school has actually devoid us of a proper job and any sense of sanity.

CyberMe said...

Where are you moving to? Remaining in Toronto?

erica said...

Still in Toronto, just around the corner and up a block...

Waking up to a humidity free morning was like being on vacation. It's amazing how it feels like 'work' to get around the city when it's so hot and humid.

I am so in love with that Book/Shop bag. And yes, grad school and a loss of sanity! I overhear dissertationing at the cafes and want to tell them to get out while they still can!

Catherine said...

Sorry about the well...just remember all wells have a top.

Love the music, how could I not have heard of him before? Oh that's right, I live in little, far-removed New Zealand.

Enjoy the concert, it will be nice to be swept away for an hour or two xx

Jade said...

good luck with the climb, erica. good to hear a bit of an update from you that is real, and not pretending that life is always easy. i often regret not going to grad school, actually. it's still on my list of possibilities in the future. we'll see.

Sarge in Charge said...

Glad to hear you found a place! Sorry it has been such a slog, though.

Read a great NYTimes article about him a few weeks back and meant to make a Spotify playlist but got distracted by the Amanda Shires album they mentioned- really good. Will have to give him a listen.