Monday, October 21, 2013

october chill

Studio Nicholson Ines Coat

Steven Alan Delphine Coat

Steven Alan floral print Martine top

J. Crew Silk Ruffle Top in Beanstalk Stripe

I'm at the point where I need to donate a few of my coats, but I'm not sure I need to replace any. If I knew I were spending the next 5 - 10 years in a cold climate, I would love something in a rich color as well as a snuggly soft coat like Steven Alan's Delphine. I've found myself grabbing for my Etoile Isabel Marant Baki more and more these days because it's so soft and unstructured.

I've also been experiencing a mall-induced fashion crisis. So many photo floral prints at the mall, but I'm not sure it's really my kind of look. However, I did pick up this J.Crew silk top with a floral stripe pattern that has worked well as a teaching top. The Steven Alan Martine floral print seems like another nice variation on the theme, but I can't decide if I really need more than one of this type.


joyce said...

I do love the wine color of that Steven Alan coat. It'd pair so well with black and navy and grey.

joyce said...

Or I should say, that Studio Nicholson coat AT Steven Alan!

Mona said...

I got a gift of a big peacoat from burberry brit (no plaid logo) in grey quilt from the outlet, it is nice but not warm enough for Boston. I am married to down. My long J crew down coat is not cute but it is comfy in February.

julia said...

I love that first coat! The color is spot on. I'll have to look up that label. I'm seeing a lot of good coats this season, it's hard to choose between all of them.

erica said...

The wine color is beautiful, but oh such a pricey coat!

I also rely on down coats for much of winter, especially when I don't want to be weighed down by so much fabric.

nanashi said...

the wine color is amazing and the shape, too.

floral prints are always alluring, but also difficult for me. I do want to incorporate some as nice tops but rarely come across ones that work.