Monday, October 07, 2013

Two Blue Dresses

Lauren Moffatt Uma Snap Dress

Steven Alan Thalia Dress

I own more black now than I ever did, but my heart belongs to the blues. Navy, cobalt, turquoise. Is it any surprise that my school uniform was dark and light blue?


Mona said...

I love blues as well. I do not care if it suits me as well as black, navy is my new foundation. The Steven Alan dress vaguely reminds me of the LL Bean Signature dress I tried at the Burlington MA store. I ended not getting it because I cannot work out shirtdress on my figure.

Jocy said...

I am a sucker for blue and white dresses (florals, stripes, you name it). Also, I just gravitate towards a lot of blue. For most periods of my life, I carried a navy blue cardigan or pullover. It just goes with so much.

erica said...

shirtdresses can be a little tricky. i find that it's better to have a fuller cut, but then i feel too 'i love lucy' or 'mad men'.