Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Time to replenish my stripes collection.

Samuji Sunny Shirt

Armor Lux Mariniere Sweater

Wood Wood Adrien Top

Armor Lux Passarelle

Here's to a happier 2014!


Moya said...

Have a wonderful 2014, Erica. I so hope the next year exceeds all your hopes. Love your stripes!

Mona said...

I was back at home in Paris and I tried the Armor Lux Wool sweater in T2, it is nice but not great. It looks like it will pile and it is not that thick. I passed. I was wearing a French Sailor shirt from LL bean that day. I had to admit that my shirt was nicer than the thin cotton mariniere from Armor Lux.

I also like Petit Bateau- this year in the man version because the women is too boxy.

erica said...

Thanks for the reviews, Mona, they're much appreciated! I'm disappointed to hear that the Armor Lux isn't that great.

I love my Petit Bateau top, but it had a misadventure in the wash, and I need something that looks presentable.

Mona said...
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Mona said...

Hi Erica, I found a great deal from Brittany Boutique (France, cheesy website) on Saint James Meridien - I ordered in a unisex small. They have sweaters from Saint James too, all made in France. I assume Saint James is similar to Armor Lux although the sweaters look more substantial.