Saturday, December 02, 2006

another reason why it's best i stay away from nyc

Mayle is having a 35% off sale until Dec. 4 when her holiday collection arrives. And I believe Inhabit is having a sample sale.

Holiday collections are like Resort collections in my estimation, an utter enigma. First of all, I don't "holiday" (i.e. "make merry"). I don't go to parties during the bitterly cold and miserable winter season. I might host a little wine-and-cheese event, but most of my friends will arrive shivering and soggy under bulky parkas and woolly scarves. Second of all, I don't "resort". Going on a trip to a far off, warm place, usually means going home to the OC. Frankly, the beach is pretty cold in December, and you'll usually find me having french onion soup at South Coast Plaza with my mom, discussing whether or not we should buy a sweater from TSE. I have not worn a bikini in about three years, and I shudder to think about all the exercise I'd need to do before buying stuff from a resort collection. No, I don't need smart little white dresses and charming cocktail dresses. What I need are warm yet lightweight mukluks to slosh through the "wintry mix".

Arrow Moccasin Company's Mukluk Sport boot, only 1 pound per shoe, with non-slip crepe sole and pile-lined for warmth, $137 (from

No. wait. What I really really need are these boots:

Society for Rational Dress boots, $428 at I'm usually a size 8, but I could swing an 8 1/2 if you wanted to buy them for me. And, no, I wouldn't fold the top over as seen in countless magazines. That's much too 80s for me.

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