Thursday, December 21, 2006

my birthday month

My partner's birthday is dec. 18. my birthday is jan. 19. and so commences my month-long birthday celebration, which i like to call "birthday month". Anyway, this was my celebratory outfit to start off the month of festivities:

By the way, the boots are new. I made a pilgrimage to Hejfina in Chicago. I have been lurking on their website for months, and when I went to the brick and mortar version, everything seemed to be on sale. There was a cute Vanessa Bruno Athe wool miniskirt, but too small. And an awesome A.P.C. peasanty button down shirt with a neat graphic print, but too big. Thank god for that, because I bought my partner this beautiful herringbone charcoal A.P.C. modish jacket that was on sale. We had seen it at Stel's but it was too much. And lo and behold, on sale and in the right size and everything. Anyway, back to the new shoes which officially end my shopping moratorium. I was aiming for Jan. 19 but the flesh and spirit are both too weak, helas.
They're the A.P.C. military style boots in a lovely chestnut brown, shorter in the shaft, very narrow calf opening (I can barely pull them over my skinny denim), with a 1 1/4" heel. I am a little iffy on the size right now. They're a 38, which is technically an 8. And an 8 is supposedly my shoe size. Maybe they're too narrow for my fat birkenstock feet? Well, we're going to ride it out best we can and hope the leather softens.
The dress was a premeditated purchase last April. I actually saw it in Lucky in January and fell in love. Puckered orange silk with beautiful black/navy? trim at the collar and an adorable tie with amberish chunky beads and circle pockets. I found it at LouisBoston ages later and all they had was a size 8. The service there is so awful, I don't know why I keep going back. I had to run around the store to find someone to let me into a dressing room. I think as soon as they see me they beeline for the far opposite corner of the floor. Anyway, I then had to tiptoe in my socks to find someone to call the alterations people. Thankfully alterations are free at Louis for full-priced items. Ugh. You'd think that someone would be waiting near the dressing room considering I was the only person shopping at the time. Oh well. I'm still waiting to hear when their January 50% off everything sale is.

Annelore dress: $430 from Louis Boston
Rebecca Beeson black shirt: $20 from Loehmans (the old workhorse shirt)
Kunert "wool on the outside, cotton on the inside" tights: $36 from Nordstrom
A.P.C. boots: $230 marked down from $480 from Hejfina (they have a website, check it out: Oddly, A.P.C. sells the same boots for $550. Another example of weird pricing.

Total: $716

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