Wednesday, February 27, 2008

endless oxford search

Let's put it this way: they aren't cheap ($264), and suede can dirty easily. But, they look comfortable and stylish, and the color is perfect. Have I finally found my oxfords?

edit:::They're by Opening Ceremony, available at Impulse.


P O S I E S said...

These are my favorite. Then again, I always like things that are way to expensive and often unrealistic for everyday wear:)

Nanashi said...

that is beautiful! and I agree with posies, I think this sense of thrill is the great part about what we choose to wear, if we were to let the daily utility calculation dictate what we wear we would end up with gap jeans and converse. i love the faded denim in the photo, too.

Sara said...

i love those!

i could never wear them as they would look like silly boats on my size 10 feet, but in a smaller size they are just perfect.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

These are great but if you are concerned about the price, I went to a very preppy girls' school and almost everyone wore these. Not sure if they bought small men's sizes or found boy's sizes.

Joanna Goddard said...

yay! i love these most of all!

Joanna Goddard said...

ps. just saw this:

Michelle said...

Oh wow, I love those suede lovies! I have a thing for suede though, I don't know if they are the perfect fit for you, but I vote YES!~

editor said...

i LOVE these.
i love suede shoes.
ack, i'm not buying.
i'm not buying.
i'm not buying.
i'm not buying.

(i will go back to my corner now.)

jenny said...

i LOVE those.

LauraB said...

i really like those. maybe some grey keds could take their place temporarily?

erica said...

grey keds or maybe grey boat shoes by keep company would be a nice alternative for the summer. i am holding off on the oxford hunt in the hope that i will someday stumble upon the perfect pair...

Anonymous said...