Wednesday, February 20, 2008

white oxfords

too pointy? camper oxfords, $155

are white oxfords a bad idea?
repetto zizi, $180


Joanna Goddard said...

i love the first especially. i think they are fabulous! you would have to step very carefully though and avoid the rain!

Unknown said...

these are awesome - I have been a huge fan of oxfords this season and in the past. i am thinking of forking over some big bucks for ones.

Michelle said...

Hm, I like them, but what will happen when they get scuffed? I am sure that if you put them together with something, it will look very cool

nanashi said...

Reminds me of the Reppeto ones, it is pretty but yes it is white, but again I think the color white is what makes this piece stand out, oh, and these are the repetto ones haha. would love to see how you match the shoes with the outfit!

I visited Stel's in Boston last weekend, it literally was window shopping for most other stores since we got there late, but I loved Stel's. Wish I had more time to explore the city!

erica said...

i think i am still on the fence, but if i bought a pair, i would probably get the campers.

i'm afraid of ruining white shoes, or white anything, for that matter. but it's so tempting...

stel's is wonderful. oh i wish i had more money to spend on clothing.

Anonymous said...

They are definitely hard to work with in my book, but I can seem them being pulled off in a variety of ways..

erin said...

I think they are a bad idea - but I'm sure someone out there could pull them off, why not you?

R.G. said...

erica, did you see these?

TLA said...

If youre going to go white, I recommend white bucs. Very Gatsby. Perfect for G&Ts and croquet on the lawn.

Anonymous said...