Wednesday, February 13, 2008

zero maria cornejo

i ordered this tunic dress from Maria Cornejo yesterday and it arrived today. i guess that $20 shipping fee was worth something after all! as with all of her pieces, everything is simple yet expertly designed and constructed, which is what i really gravitate towards nowadays. case in point: wiksten made, green olives design, uniform-studio, and le bouton studio.

i didn't realize how sheer the silk/cotton fabric is, so i will have to figure out a better way of wearing it. maybe uniformly darker clothing underneath? any thoughts?

Zero Maria Cornejo silk shirting tunic dress. $135, originally $540.


Nanashi said...

Beautiful tunic dress! I love Maria Cornejo's take on fabric and construction. It does seem a bit challenging to put the pieces together is sheer, but maybe wear it over a vivid floral print sundress and let the hem peek a bit and play with color contrast? It is too pretty to just use it solely for the poolside.

erica said...

thanks for the suggestion. i probably wouldn't have bought it if i had known how sheer it was, but i think it's beautiful regardless. so now comes the challenge of wearing it well!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of uniform dark clothing underneath. Black thermal, black tights, black booties...?

As it gets warmer maybe a tad more revealing as a cover-up type thing? American Apparel lame bandeau swim top and light blue acid wash jeans..?

Anonymous said...

sorry so late to this post - i meant to comment when you first wrote it.
have you found ways to incorporate this item?
how do the zero+maria cornejo sizes run?