Thursday, May 08, 2008

happy anniversary

my car and i have been through a lot these past 6 years. i bought her for $1 from my parents when i graduated from college. she and i moved to seattle that fall, then we drove back home 10 months later. i was pretty upset when my dad told me she wouldn't make it cross-country to cambridge. so we had to be apart for two months as she made the trip on a truck bed. i nearly shed a tear when i saw her waiting patiently for me in the driveway. i definitely cried as i surrendered my CA plates.

i hope we can make it back home after this phd this completed. i know she misses those sunsets over the Pacific...


P O S I E S said...

Ha! $1. I love it! I wish my Dad would sell me his old-time Forerunner for $1 but I guess I am too old for those games now or maybe I've just made one too many deals with my Dad:)

That's exciting that you'll be heading west at some point!

erica-knits said...

oh! This tugs at my heart strings. I just had to give up my baby. She was a 1992 Taurus and sea green with hail dents. I was given her by my parents when I was 17 (after they bought another car), it went through 2 accidents (minor) with me, and many road trips. I wish your car the best of luck!


Aw, I have a CR-V too. I also love it. I hope you make it back home; funny thing because I am going to take mine cross country to start my PhD this Fall!

stacy said...

The sunset over the pacific tonight looks to be a good one.

erica said...

breathe design-
where are you taking your CR-V? it may seem silly to have a car like this in the city, but the potholes and double-parked cars in boston definitely qualify as off-roading terrain!

Stephanie said...

i got rid of my car last year! kind of liberating actually. now i just share my boyfriend's car which made much more sense when we moved in together. everyone said my car was an 'old lady car' anyway :( (it was a chevy malibu in silver)

Anonymous said...